Scannoir ist the guy in the right, pic by Felix Adler Scannoir ist the guy in the right, pic by Felix Adler

You all know and love Sneaker. Scannoir from Zurich, on the other hand, you may not know yet. Together with his partner in crime Sneaker he is the project ½ GOTT, just recently blossoming with their debut release on Uncanny Valley. Since we always attach great importance to the small talk competence of our listeners, we thought it would be interesting to compile some background information to the release. So, here’s Scannoir talking about how his EP came into being.

How did the record come about? How and when did you produce the tracks?

Since I’m a person who is always in the habit of questioning a lot of things, I end up with the question of how Sneaker and me came together in the first place. In the end, this coming together was nothing more than passion and devotion to the same music. So simple – but effective.

The first catch and reason that I contacted Sneaker at that time was a (of course positive) feedback to his EP on Macadam Mambo (MME4004) on which he remixed a track of a for me well-known Goth band. That hit my nerve! We wrote back and forth and quickly realized that we had a lot in common.

At that time I built up my studio and started with my own productions (yes, I know I should have started 25 years ago, but that’s another story. . . ). I sent him Examples of my progress now and then and it was not long, and Sneaker was on the line.

His fine, unmistakable nose was fortunately large and sensitive enough to perceive my musical scent. „Sehnsucht“ was there – Sneaker wanted to work on it. „Die Nacht“ followed and we decided to meet together in my studio in Zurich and work on further tracks. That was in the summer of 2016. More tracks were created and it became clear that we wanted to release an EP together soon. During the time the tracks were optimized again and again and Sneaker put the finishing touches to the whole thing with his experience. Now, there are two EPs on the table – and we both feel the desire for more. . .

Pic by Felix Adler Pic by Felix Adler

Was there a musical premise or sounds you wanted to approach?

No. Not really. I think it’s our intuition and automatism. These preferences for Synthpop, Wave, EBM, New Beat and similar genres are deep. In addition, I am someone who likes to express his feelings with music – and these automatically express themselves darkly, melancholically, but nevertheless driving. Furthermore my (and Sneaker’s) studio is mainly equipped with gear from the 80ies. Oldschool Guys, Oldschool Gear’s, Oldschool Music – Thank God 🙂

What is the story behind the artwork?

We’re both perfectionists. In everything we do, we always try to get the best out of it. That’s why we wanted to have our own photos. Then the story: three intense, but still funny days on different locations in Leipzig, together with the photographer Felix Adler. Fortunately, we have a very similar taste and share our visions, so we decided fairly quickly on the cover. It somehow fits to the sound and everything all around and in the middle was created, selected and produced with a lot of love. Everything in the next environment of Sneaker, the great label and me. THANK YOU all involved.

What’s next for you?

We are planning some gigs together (Sneaker wants more, I want less :)). As a “divine duo,” so to speak. And who knows – in the best case you can see Scannoir & Sneaker b2b and smiling behind the DJ desk. Then the second EP called GOTT is just around the corner, and of course – more studio work is planned!

Pic by Felix Adler Pic by Felix Adler