Panthera-Krause-Front-1-©-Christian-RotheOn the occasion of our new record “All My Circuits Part I” we thought it would be helpful to compile some background information for the release. So that you are well prepared for the next small talk at the bar. This is how we want to handle it from now on with every release. For the premiere it’s the man himself, Panthera Krause, answering our questions.

How did the record come about? How and when did you produce the tracks?

I actually made all the tracks for this record a year ago. I always make a lot of sketches and collect them to finally work them out when I think the time is right or I feel I’m in the mood for it. It’s a good way to work for me ’cause it’s easier to give the whole EP one sound. So I sent all the stuff to Uncanny Valley and when they wrote back that they like most of the tracks and want to make two EPs, I was totally overwhelmed. We decided to make one EP which is happier and one that is a bit darker.

Was there a musical premise or sounds you wanted to approach?

When it was decided that there will be two EPs, it was easier for me to visualise a particular sound for each one. The first record all started with the track „Heppy“. I had recorded the drums and the chords but there was always something missing for me. So I picked up a bass, started to jam and found this nice bass line and this 3-tone-Chris-Rea-line on top. At first I was like, „No, i can not do this! It’s too sweet!“ But when I listend to it the day after it gave me such a good feeling that I decided not to care and just do it. „Unravelled Dreaming” is one of these tracks which happens in one night and it’s my favorite track of the EP. I’ve played it a lot in the morning hours in clubs or festivals during the summer and it was such a pleasure to see people loosing themselves on the floor. „Stomping Ground“ and „Le Phoque“ are tracks which are a bit older but they fit perfectly on this EP.

What is the story behind the artwork?

I like to hang out in second hand book stores. It’s a bit like hanging out in record stores for me. You’re surrounded by so much magic and there is so much to explore. I had this book store down the street, which was packed with old books and magazines. I found an old book there about traveling in South America and I saw this picture of a ritual, which perfectly reflects the feelings that I’ve had during the making of this records. It is colorful and dark at the same time and it’s a bit over top and has this mystic flair. By the way it reminds me a bit of the movie „Holy Mountain“ and I’m a big fan of Jodorowsky and Moebius.

What’s next for you?

It’s a new year and my head is full of things I like to do. Music wise i will work out the tracks for an EP on Vicario Records, The Label of the Soul of Hex guy. Then I need to finish some remixes i’m working on for too long and finally collect a bunch of sketches for an album. But first i can not wait to finish the tracks for the second part of “All My Circuits“.