UV Podcast 082 - Ergo Proxy
Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners? Hi, I am Sebastian and I have been living and working in Dresden for 7 years. I grew up in the ‘Erzgebirge’ in a small village close to the boarder of Czech republic, so you can imagine there wasn’t so much to do up there besides listening...
UV Podcast 081 - Jules Etienne
Sit on the backseat of Jules Etienne spaceship and enjoy the view while he is flying with us through cosmic fields Spotify: bit.ly/UVPodcastiTunes: bit.ly/uvpod_itunesSoundcloud: bit.ly/uvpod_sc
UV Podcast Spotify Update & latest episodes
Dear music lovers, between christmas and new years our music podcast series disappeared from Spotify. We were able to set it up again, so the only thing you need to do is simply to resubscribe and enjoy as usual: http://bit.ly/UVPodcast iTunes (Apple Podcasts) and Soundcloud stayed the same: iTunes: bit.ly/uvpod_itunesSoundcloud: bit.ly/uvpod_sc Here are the latest...
UV Podcast 078 - yet unseen
In his work as a visual artist, Fabian Polinski shows a tender relationship to nature and an affinity to shifts in perception. For a reference check his video for Credit 00’s “The Garden” from the Deep in the Jungle EP that came out earlier this year. As yet unseen he mixes up wave and dub...
UV Podcast 077 - RSS Disco
To accompany our latest music podcast we sat down for an interview with the Hamburg based DJ trio and label honchos RSS Disco, enjoy. Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication? Who’s RSS Disco?            There’s been a lot of talk about this in the hedo-scientific community, we understand that you’re keen to solve the equation:...
UV Podcast 76 - Rob/nson
Fresh disco-house vibes from a promising newcomer out of the uncanniest of all valleys, Dresden. Spotify: bit.ly/uvpod_spotifyiTunes: bit.ly/uvpod_itunesSoundcloud: bit.ly/uvpod_scWebsite: www.uncannyvalley.de/category/podcast/ TracklistD Perel – Angelika Black Vel – Fever (unreleased) Kitschy Kitsch – Together (N.O.Y Remix) Terr – Tale of Devotion (Dub)  PBR Streetgang – Late Night Party Line Legowelt – Disco Rout (Tuff City Kids Remix)  Marlon Hoffstadt –...
UV Podcast 075 - Casio
@casio-dj is a Dresden techno resident both behind and infront of the dj booth. He’s creating events with his @motion-wtf team and takes care of the harder parts at the @love-foundation , a global community of activists and artists that collectively organise events in order to spread the idea of universal love and fundraise money for social projects....
UV Podcast 074 - Mauro Caracho
Mauro Caracho aka Gamal is the bon vivant at Leipzig’s infamous Fäncy crew, label manager and booker of the city based club Distillery and jack of all trades in every way. Enjoy the ride. Read an interview (german) with the Leipzig based blog frohfroh. Spotify: bit.ly/uvpod_spotifyiTunes: bit.ly/uvpod_itunesSoundcloud: bit.ly/uvpod_scWebsite: www.uncannyvalley.de/category/podcast/ Tracklist to be announced
UV Podcast 073 - Sascha Funke
Die aktuelle Ausgabe des Uncanny Podcast besucht den Berliner Produzenten Sascha Funke der seit seiner Jugend dem dem Ruf der elektronischen Musik folgt. Er hat die vielen Veränderung der Club Musik und Szene miterlebt und unzählige EPs und Alben auf verschiedenen Labels veröffentlicht. Subscribe Spotify: bit.ly/uvpod_spotifyiTunes: bit.ly/uvpod_itunesSoundcloud: http://bit.ly/uvpod_sc Wo hast du den Mix aufgenommen und wie verbringst du...
UV Podcast 072 - Power Suff Girls
Retro future breaks with lean drunk beats for your next Afterhour by Hamburg’s finest Power Suff Girls Tracklist Dean Blunt & Joanne Robertson – X Eartheater – Inclined Dollkraut – Holy Ghost People Omar S. & John F.M – Alone Main Attraktionz- Chuch Kode 9 & Spaceape – 9 Samurai Ishan Sound & Hodge –...
UV Podcast 071 - Cooper Saver
Interview and Mix by the LA based producer and promoter for club music events Cooper Saver. Subscribe Spotify: bit.ly/uvpod_spotifyiTunes: bit.ly/uvpod_itunesSoundcloud: http://bit.ly/uvpod_sc Hey Cooper, thank you for your mix. I am very much interested in your background. I know you’re living in LA, did you grow up there and from which background are you coming from? Thanks for having...
UV Podcast 70 - Natascha Kann
Our 70th episode comes from the Berlin based //about blank resident Natascha Kann – enjoy Subscrice Spotify: bit.ly/uvpod_spotifyiTunes: bit.ly/uvpod_itunesSoundcloud: http://bit.ly/uvpod_sc Tracklist to be announced
UV Podcast 069 - Stigmatique
Marcus Richter, aka Stigmatique, is one of the men behind the up and coming Leipzig based techno label Seelen records. In our interview he give us insights in how he and his friends are running the label, which philosophy drives them and what their background is. Subscribe Spotify: bit.ly/uvpod_spotifyiTunes: bit.ly/uvpod_itunesSoundcloud: http://bit.ly/uvpod_sc Could you please introduce yourself to our...
UV Podcast 068 - The Dreamer
The Dreamer, also known as Sotiris Trechas, is the classic multi talent. He runs a queer (sexy) magazine called fluffereveryday, is doing art, runs a showroom, works as an art director in media and is promoting his own events in Athen called Purple Night. For the XXY events in Dresden he did the final artwork...
UV Podcast 067 - Mr. Incognito
A musical radioplay and journey by Mr. Incognito Tracklist Subscribe Spotify: bit.ly/uvpod_spotifyiTunes: bit.ly/uvpod_itunesSoundcloud: http://bit.ly/uvpod_sc Podcast Mr Incognito
UV Podcast 066 - B.AI
In her time in Dresden B.AI regularly showed up at our events and dancing from the very start to finish. When she got back to Cheng Du, China, she took some of the spirit with her and started DJing and throwing partys by herself. We’re really proud to present her first official podcast to the...
UV Podcast 065 - Leif Müller
The Stuttgart based jack of all trades treats us with his fine selection of dry and uncompromising techno. Subscribe Spotify: bit.ly/uvpod_spotifyiTunes: bit.ly/uvpod_itunesSoundcloud: http://bit.ly/uvpod_sc Tracklist ZULI – She’s Hearing Voices1800HaightStreet – PsychicRoman Lindau – Submarin SurfaceGemini Voice Archive – Absoluto DisparateForest Drive West – FunctionalUnknownSaftronic – ExitRoman Poncet – In AeternamSergie Rezza – MonteGunnar Haslam – Port SommeilFlug – M32Dean Grenier...
UV Podcast 064 - Hubå
Hubå is the deep diving submarine of Dresden’s DJ scene. Constantly flying under the radar. On a scientific mission silently hunting the deepest musical gems buried in sunken and long forgotten Discogs Wantlists twenty thousand leagues under the sea. Subscribe Spotify: bit.ly/uvpod_spotifyiTunes: bit.ly/uvpod_itunesSoundcloud: http://bit.ly/uvpod_sc Tracklist Chi - Kuhl IIMaayan Nidam - News from the EastAtom™ - Riding...
UV Podcast 063 - Charlotte Bendiks
Charlotte Bendiks- the northern ambassador of distant intimacy. She likes dogs, Jacuzzis, riding a bike, , bålkos, å få napp, her own oceans of emotions, hummus, Rhabarbersaftschorle, free WiFi, Mezcal, dark days and dark nights, talking fast, dancing slow, serious shit, funny shit, singing, getting dirty, staying away, getting close, going hard, being active, being...
UV Podcast 062 - Albert van Abbe live at Objekt klein a
Albert Van Abbe is an important artist of the Dutch techno scene. His minimal and intense techno sound has been perfected by shtum 018. In the podcast you can hear his set of the last Uncanny Valley Party at Objekt klein a club. Albert has an interesting history and roots in the freetek scene.
UV Podcast 061 - Elfaux.
Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners? Hi. I am „elfaux.“ I am not easy listening and definitly not only vinyl. Errors, fails or mistakes are important part of my musical and also life concept. If it’s waveless – I am bored. It’s likely you pronounce or write my DJ name wrong, so this...
UV Podcast 060 - Vincent Neumann
Who is Vincent Neumann? I am a psychotherapist living in Leipzig, Germany. I work in a psychiatric ward with drug addicts from monday to friday. Sometimes I dj on the weekends and I like to publish mixes with weird titles. Also love Magic The Gathering. What’s the idea behind your mix? The idea was to...
UV Podcast 059 - Martin Saupe
Tracklist The Golden Filter – Cut My Hair WLDV – Phase 2 KZA – Le Troublant Acid Bufi – Brujerias Moscoman & The Organism – Rite Morgan Hammer – Arrogant Bastard Boot & Tax – Dimensione C Aleksandir – Yamaha (Asa Moto Remix) Speaking Minds & Amarcord – Jupiter Express Kito Jempere Band – Tiger...
UV Podcast 058 - FlexibleHeart
“Make Acid Great Again” – Wäre wohl FlexibleHearts Slogan wenn Techno ein Wahlkampf wäre. Wir würden sie zur Acid Prasidentin wählen und der Acidkanzler Andreas Gehm (R.I.P.) wär wohl mächtig stolz darauf” meinte John vom Objekt klein a letztes Jahr in Folge eines ihrer grandiosen DJ Sets. Tracklist 1.Acid Earth _ Type 303 2.Missing You...
UV Podcast 057 - Barbara Boeing
Barbara Boeing from Curitiba in the south of Brazil caught our ear last summer at Palais Palett here in Dresden where she played a short notice gig during her holidays in Europe. Her set perfectly set the vibe for a great summer night out there at our favourite wooden dancefloor of the city. Some months...
UV Podcast 056 - DJ Spit
UV Podcast 055 – Peter Invasion
Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners? Hi, my name is Markus Krasselt aka Peter Invasion. I’m the owner of the Leipzig-based record label Riotvan. What is the Riotvan-identity about? The identity is our love to music (of course) and the passion to make life a little better. Everything is going to be fine....
UV Podcast 054 – T-Data
Here’s our next podcast with Multimedia Designer, (future) record shop owner, music aficionado and Clear Memory-resident T-Data in the mix. Soundcloud Facebook The cosmic pic is taken by werajane. Tracklist: 700 Bliss – basic Eugene Ward – Place Large Group Jlin – Carbon 7 (161) Equiknoxx – lizard of oz Mad Zach – Shadow Figures S.O.N.S....
UV Podcast 053 - Harry Hancock
Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners? I’m Emil, currently living in Dresden, the city of the Uncanny Valley. I dj as Harry Hancock among some other funny nicknames and have been involved with the Palais Palett project over here, building open air locations and organizing cultural events of all kinds. I’m currently also...
UV Podcast 052 - konkrit
Hey Kristoffer, could you please introduce yourself to our listeners? Moin! I’m a music journalist who usually is never short on words except when he has to say something about and for himself. I’m involved with the ANTIME label based in Berlin and occasionally put on records if someone feels generous enough to ask me...
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