Hoooooray…10 records are taken. And no sign of boredom in sight.

On UV 010 – the anniversary compilation, if you like – Uncanny Valley presents four new artists to line the streets of aural happiness. Scherbe is one of them. To introduce himself with a deep bow he contributes an ace and deep House-Podcast. Just like in his own productions, there is a lot of cosy rumbling. Check his ever idiosyncratic tunes in the mix, and you’ll understand.


01 nebraska – the mountains – rush hour
02 pépé bradock – path of most resistance
03 scherbe – sympathy for the underdog – unreleased
04 scherbe – endlezz cinema – unreleased
05 marcellus pittman – an afternoons delight
06 citizen funk – bing, bang, bong (original edit)
07 jason fine – nutella
08 scherbe – melady – unreleased
09 theo parrish – reaction to plastic

m4a Version / iTunes


UV Podcast 004 – Scherbe by Uncanny Valley on Mixcloud