Who is Vincent Neumann?

I am a psychotherapist living in Leipzig, Germany. I work in a psychiatric ward with drug addicts from monday to friday. Sometimes I dj on the weekends and I like to publish mixes with weird titles. Also love Magic The Gathering.

What’s the idea behind your mix?

The idea was to create a good mixture of tracks that showcases the stuff I like to play, not have a “full of bangers” mix. I like to vary things a bit. It goes up and down, a bit weird at times too (but I hope not too weird.)

How did you approach that concept?

Usually I try to include as many friends of mine in a mix as possible, which is why I asked some of my friends for unreleased tracks (Blind Observatory i.e.) Also I tried to include a couple of obscure or forgotten tracks that I love playing (there’s a Fabrice Lig track inside that I really like.)

When and where did you started djing and how has it evolved over the time?

I started djing in 2008 because of a blog called DISCODUST. This was when Bloghouse ruled the world (Ed Banger, Boys Noize, Institubes, Kitsuné…)so one day I decided to illegally download Virtual DJ and play around with mp3s I downloaded from blogs like Discodust. First parties I djed were in Cologne in 2010.
Djing has changed substantially for me over the years from playing with a laptop until 2011. Then I bought some CDJs and THEN in 2012 I bought some technics MKIIs. I mainly use these for ripping records actually because I am the most comfortable when playing with CDJs (with CDs or USBs).

Is there a record that triggered your interest in collecting music or even start to perform in front of an audience?

It was probably Surkin – Radio Firewor. Institubes is the reason I became a dj and wanted to perform in front of an audience, mainly because nobody played any Institubes records when I started going out so I felt something was missing. And then I started discovering more and more music I wanted to be heard…

For how long are you part now of Distillery?

I played my first dj set at Distillery in March 2012 (thank you Einklang!) The booker liked what he heard and invited me back and then 6 months later (I think) I became a resident.
Thank you Marc!

What’s your role in the club and is there anything besides playing records you put your effort in?

I am a resident at Distillery, I play there once or twice a month there and I can suggest DJs I would like to hear at the club. I also often take some of the DJs out for dinner before a party, even when I’m not playing, because I think it’s healthy and important to have a good conversation (without loud music and strobes) before a long night. With some DJs it has become kind of a tradition to hang out before the party for very long (3H dinners with Spencer Parker lol) and hey, this small bubble is often full of fleeting superficial relations so it’s nice to catch up on other people’s lives every couple of months.


How has your perspective changed since you are touring more now?

My perspective on clubbing and djing has changed quite a bit. When I started it seemed like this secret world that’s very well organized, driven by professionals. When I was in my early 20s I often thought about trying to become a fulltime DJ but as I got older I am happy I did not decide to do it.

I really enjoy the nightlife, playing at different parties and cities but it’s not something I want to do until I’m 60. If a nice booking shows up, I’ll do it, if then I’m gonna return to my dayjob anyway. I have met a lot of struggling DJs and I don’t recommend doing it fulltime to anyone. For me (this is just me speaking) it’s something fun you can do for a while but it’s a) not very predictable and b) not sustainable in the long run for most DJs trying it. The most relaxed DJs and producers I have met all have dayjobs because they don’t struggle with paying the bills.

Do I still love clubs and dance music? Oh fuck yeah. Do I think it’s an important part of adulthood? Oh yes, oh yes (Carl Cox voice.) Do I think it’s dangerous and tempting as well? Totally. This is where my job experience comes in. Most people that show up at work with a drug induced psychosis got it because they started doing drugs in clubs.

I love going to new clubs and seeing how they run and organize events and it’s great to see people enjoying music all over the world and at the same time I have decided to sort of build relations with clubs. I’m kind of loyal towards clubs. I rather return to the same nice people and continue where we stopped last time.

What are your projects for the next time?

I bought a lot of gear and software last year to start producing. But the more I have these machines around me the more I want to go to my other room and just play Dead Cells (fuck you, Hand of the king!) I don’t know, maybe producing is something that’s just not for not me. Or I need someone to force me to learn this stuff. I have thought about starting a vinyl label too but the market is flooded with weekly releases so I rather not do it at the moment because god knows there’s a war going on for everybody’s attention 24/7. I’ll just continue djing and release sort-of-weekly-mixes on my soundcloud. Oh and hopefully get the fourth RAVING SPOON for best Berghain closing…

Finally, what’s the last record before the lights are switched on?



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