The fifth release on Dresden-based label Uncanny Valley is the first artist-EP and with Jacob Korn and his She EP one of the artists that contributed to the label from the very beginning provides a great start for the new series.
Last year the eponymous “She” has already made the summer even more thrilling when Jacob played it in his live set. What begins pretty gloomy with a rumbling bass line and a harsh kick drum turns out to be an irresistible catchy tune for all open-air dance floors 2011 as soon as the distinctive marimba figure is introduced. And when the rhapsodical strings come in, it feels like all dancers are united under the same seventh heaven. On “Once love” Minimal Music-like winds and piano motives merge together with a whipping drum-foundation to an almost hymnic House manifest.
One the flipside “She” gets the remix treatment from Berlin’s Iron Curtis and Spain’s John Talabot. Iron Curtis dampens the original’s euphoria by only implying the strings and the marimba. His version takes its strength out of Mr. Curtis unmistakable, constantly changing synths and drums. John Talabot toughen things up with cosmic and meandering synthesizers and a humming bass line. The result is a journey through the night that recalls Psychedelic and early Electronics.

Artwork by Valérie-Françoise Vogt

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