After appearing with C-Beams recently, Break SL strikes back with a massive track called “Desert Flight” that has already been causing a stir amongst the Uncanny Valley crew for quite a while. Over the course of ten minutes the track unwinds as an analogue Slowhouse trip that is dominated by a gritty synth figure. With typical sophisticated Break SL drums, radio transmitted messages directly from the cockpit and a freaked out siren it’s a track that is not from this world.

The flipside starts off in a more classical manner with the rumbling House of ‘Amorphed limits’. The track is distinguished by rapturous synths and gets spiced up through additional drum work by Break SL’s partner in crime Manuel Sander. ‘Beercase Song’ originates from collaboration with Dresden’s universal genius Max Rademann. His quirky keys and Break SL’s drum workshop create a dirty piece of Funk which rounds up an eclectic EP by a versatile producer.
The cover artwork was created by visual artist and designer Julien Simshäuser who illustrates the trip that is ‘Desert Flight’.

Break SL – Desert Flight from Uncanny Valley Records on Vimeo.

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