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Bandcamp: Vinyl 28.11.2014 + Digital 1.12.2014
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After the extensive “Uncanny Valley 20” compilation we go back to our classic 4- track-format for “Uncanny Valley 025”. Taking the chance to introduce 3 new artists to our roster, we warmly welcome Lake People, Philipp Triebel and RJ (who is also one half of Dürerstuben) to add their distinctive flavour to this record.

Lake People doesn’t need an introduction anymore as his smart and emotional productions are making rounds from Ibiza to your basement club around the corner. His “Unexpected End Of Archive” is another example for his knack to produce tracks that evokes an emotional maelstrom on the dance floor. Beautiful synth melodies are meandering throughout the tune while the slick drum arrangement provides just enough tension to keep your feet on the floor.

Philipp Triebel caught our ear with his live set when we played together at a party in his hometown Giessen. After handing in demos for some time he now contributes “Unity” to this compilation. Clocking in at just 4 and a half minutes it gets us moving with tight chords, tricky drums and a short but prominent synth melody that will be heavy on the dance floor.

The B-side features two tracks by RJ, a member of the 2014 edition of RBMA in Tokyo. “Leo” is an excellent piece of slowly rising House music that pushes the right buttons at just the right time. With melancholic robots on vocals duties and dreamy synth pads this track literally tells a story. Closing the record is “Nie” which rises the pace and takes a similar path like its predecessor with moony synths and a very catchy melody.
As always with the Various Artists EPs on Uncanny Valley, the artwork is by courtesy of illustrator Paul Waak, this time with a fresh new approach.

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