Anime Soundtrack Special

Uncanny Valley · UV Funk 070: Anime Soundtrack Special

Not only since Vaporwave or the revived interest in Japanese Ambient and New Age experiments people know about the greatness of some anime soundtracks apart from the usual heavy metal and happy pop intros. Masterpieces like Akira or the Ghost in The Shell are beyond all doubt milestones in both film and pop music history. In addition, composers such as Joe Hisashi have made a significant contribution with their so-called image albums to emphasizing the atmosphere and character personalities in the films.

Hiromasa Suzuki
Joe Hisaishi
 Masahiko Sato
Kenji Kawai 

UV Funk host Philipp Demankowski has picked out some anime soundtrack treasures and a few additional tunes that are at least inspired by those films and put together a mix for the show.


  • Kenji Kawai – M01 I – Making of Cyborg [Ghost In The Shell]
    Takeshi Abo – Explanation [The Steins;Gate]
    Yasunori Mitsuda – Secret of the Forest [Chrono Trigger]
    Equip – Synthetic Core 88 Awakens (Cybernetic Jungle),
    DMX Krew – Shell Game
    Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Kaneda [Akira]
    Joe Hisaishi – The Path of Wind (Instrumental) [My Neighbor Totoro]
    Kenji Kawai – M01 III – Reincarnation [Ghost In The Shell]
    Joe Hisaishi – Kanou Sayoko – 叶小夜子 [Kisshō Tennyo]
    Megalonsingers – I-Zenborg [Dinosaur War Izenborg]
    Hiromasa Suzuki – Triton of the Sea [Triton of the Sea]
    The Mystery Kindaichi Band – Yatsuhakamura (Eight Village Grave)
    Masahiko Sato – The notice is noticed [Belladonna Of Sadess]
    Kassin – Shampoo [Michiko To Hatchin]
    Seatbelts – Space Lion [Cowboy Bebop]
    Mica Levi – Delete Beach (Japanese) [Delete Beach]