Carlo Bonanza

Party like it’s February 2020. Carlo Bonanza, resident at Jena’s club-oldie-but-goldie Kassablanca and part-time Vaporwave graduate, blesses us with a discoish mix that lets us forget about certain troubles.

Uncanny Valley · UV Podcast 096 - Carlo Bonanza

Hey Carlo Bonanza, who’s your favourite? Ben, Adam, Eric or Little Joe?

Definitely Ben. I have no clue about the Bonanza Series, but Ben was always wearing the biggest hat. I respect him for that. 

What did you have in mind for the mix here and what did it become in the end?

At the beginning I wanted to convince the audience with supercool new and unknown house releases by producers from far, far, far away. To present my very unique taste in music and so, you know. But then suddenly I changed my mind. And now it’s a very fast, very positive one hour Disco-Mix. Don’t ask me why. I just love Disco. 

How did you survive the Corona break? Did you play somewhere again? And how does it feel now?

Even though I gained six kilograms of body weight, I somehow survived the Corona break. But I wouldn’t see it as a break, but as a medium-term condition. We have to realize that this is our life right now and that other things in the world are more important than parties – e.g. family, health and gratitude. I played a few gigs in front of cameras and also a relatively big open air in leipzig. Both felt kinda strange but new times, new quirks. 

Your home is the Kassablanca, where you play regularly. How are things at the venerable club diva in Jena?

I love the club, the people around it, the atmosphere and the sound. Like every other club, Kassablanca also has to struggle. There have been a few great projects recently that are supposed to keep the ship on course, but for a long time this is not going well either. I think we need a well-working vaccine, otherwise cultural sites, also elsewhere, will soon go to the dogs. I hope party people are reasonable for a few more weeks and keep flatten the curve. 

You are resident and host of the Salon Kassablanca. What do you want to achieve with the night, apart from world domination?

There’s nothing much apart from world domination, but the groove, good vibes and the love for disco. We already had some funky nights with DJs like Cinthie, Demuja, COEO, Max Graef, Italo Brutalo or Borrowed Identity. All great guys, all good music. You know, Disco lives. But many younger party goers still lack access to disco and house music. This is where our mission begins. 

We met back then when you gave a short talk about Vaporwave at the DAVE festival. What’s your interest in the subject?

I’m glad you asked! Back then I gave an one-hour lecture on Vaporwave, the music, the aesthetics, the spirit behind it. I just love its slow-down, chopped smooth-jazz, pop and elevator-music from the 1980s and 90s. The pastel colors, the weird parody of capitalism, these early internet graphics, this nostalgia for a time that you have never experienced yourself. It all feels like a dream. You should google it, you’ll love it. And if not, then the genre has served its purpose. 


  • 1 – Lord Echo feat. Mara TK – “Just Do You”
    2 – Nightlife Unlimited – “Love Is In You”
    3 – The Gap Band – “Baby Baba Boogie”
    4 – Susana Estrada – “Voy Desnuta”
    5 – Fun Fun – “Give Me Your Love” (Extended Mix)
    6 – Pamala Stanley “I Don’t Want To Talk About It”
    7 – Peter Richard – “Walking In The Neon” (Club Mix)
    8 – MUSIQUE – “Keep On Jumpin” (Original mix)
    9 – Julie Wilde – “Love Tunnel”
    10 – Al Kent – “Yes I Do”
    11 – Minnie Riperton – “Love Hurts” (Mr. Mendel Edit)
    12 – Teri DeSario – “Ain’t Nothing Gonna Keep Me From You”
    13 – Gay Marvine – “Right. There. In The Socket!”
    14 – Todd Terje – “Bodies” (Prins Thomas Orgasmatron)