Uncanny Valley · UV Podcast 088 - Levente

Where and how was the mix recorded? In what state of mind where you in?

I recorded the mix at home in Hamburg. It was the first week of the city’s covid-19 measures. Everything felt really strange and surreal that week, the virus spread super fast, the whole nightlife got shut down… 

So I decided to do a Bandcamp only DJ-Mix (except of one track) to support some artists and labels I really like at the moment. 

The mix turned out quite breakbeat heavy. I tried to fit everything in, that makes me dance at the moment: a little new beat, some orientals, a bit of EBM, lot’s of breakbeats, rave synths and acid basslines. And It was important for me to keep a positive, dancey vibe. I listend to the mix a couple of time while riding my bike, it goes really well together. 

What have you been up to recently?

Besides my music, I work in film and video. Just recently, we finished a little fictional series for Arte about a Wohngemeinschaft of sea animals. That was fun! 

Together with Bobbie*, we started a new party-night at Golden Pudel called ACID TEARS, where we had Inner Lakes, Elena Colombi, TV.OUT and Betonkust as guests so far. I am really looking forward for the next one – when all this is over. 

The club and bar scene here in Hamburg is of cause struggling super hard. At my favourite bar THIER, where I also work from time to time, we’re developing some live-streaming ideas. So be prepared for a drag „Der Preis ist heiß“ (or something like that haha)

But just right now, I try a lot of different recipes, make my own bread, try to sleep as much as I can and drink a little wine everyday. And enjoying Bandcamp. 

Bobbie* & Levente

You are resident at PAL (Hamburg) and Paloma Bar (Berlin). What’s your involvement with those clubs and how do you prepare for a set there?

I am resident at PAL for 5 years now, so I know the place from the very beginning. The club changed a lot in Hamburg. It’s the first address for techno in the city, all of the residents are very skilled and super focused. The crowd is super high energy and ready to rave like I didn’t see it in years! The appreciation for the resident is amazing. 

Couple of years ago, I was doing a monthly queer night called „FRUITS“, which was good fun. 

Paloma has a huge place in my heart. It was one of the first places I played in Berlin at the night of Marc FM. That was years before the renovation. 

Together with my dear friend Iron Curtis, we’re doing a night called „Heal Yourself And Move“ every now and then. It’s basically just us having fun all night with bellies full of pizza. Oh how I miss that. 

You also play in Band called Schulverweis (great band name to do internet research on btw ;)) Can you tell us anything about it?

Haha, sorry for that! 

Schulverweis is a band-project with L.F.T. We used to share a studio in the PAL building, where we spend a lot of time before or after our gigs. We always jammed together, but when it came to the arrangement – we usually disagreed  haha. So we decided to jam, rehearse and record everything on tape. This limitation worked very well for us, so we finished our debut album, which is coming soon on Hafenschlamm/Neoprimitve. 

©Alexander Trattler
©Alexander Trattler
NEOPRIMITIVE · A1 Clouds On Heroin


  • 01. ttcc – #VIVAS

    02. Virtual Roots – Sonar (Virtual Version) (Ygal Ohayon Low Gravity Edit)

    03. Awesome Orientalists From Europa – Ich mag Ethnic Dance

    04. Very Cool – Coming Soon

    05. Neu Verboten – Early Bab (Original Acid Version)

    06. La Forge – Tactical Rave Riddim

    07. Autarkic – Truly Majestic

    08. Nathan Micay – Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain

    09. Rose Bonica – Pressure Cooker

    10. JEANS – Astral Terror

    11. Anunaku – Teleported

    12. Qeei – Prrosigo

    13. Shex – Drop Like This Bitch 

    14. H – Which Way to Forever (Cyborg Lounge Mix)

    15. Tony G – Jaya’s Acid

    16. Tessela – Gateway

    17. Return of the Living Acid – Big Dipper (Twitched Down Edit)

    18. The Divide – Molecular Phunk

    19. Thomas P. Heckmann – So Schön War Die Zeit

    20. DB Cooper – Enjoy the Silence (DB Cooper Edit)