Uncanny Valley · UV Podcast 099 - Sinamin

Where and how was the mix recorded? In what state of mind have you been in?

Hi there 🙂 I recorded this mix at home surrounded by bright summer sunlight and a whole jungle of plants. I was still recovering from a recent knee surgery so recording the mix was the first time I actually made myself stand up for a while. Playing tracks inspired my body & soul to come back to life. Such a nice feeling! This positive recovery mode – a little contemplative, a little dreamy and a little lazy from the hot summer days – can you hear it in the mix? 🙂

Sinamin (c) alexander peitz
What have you been up to recently?

With the new circumstances this year we all had to find ways to focus on what’s important and how to keep those things going. I’m very inspired by the creative solutions people have come up with. I have been recording some mixes for a few podcast series which is a great kind of platform. I also got the chance to play at some streaming events as well as smaller festivals to help raise donations for clubs and subcultures where support is needed.

When and where did you start djing and how has it evolved over the time?

I started djing in 2016 during the afterhours at a small techno club called TBA in Dresden. My best friend at the time used to work there and showed me how to play on his days off during the week. Our routine was getting a Döner Box and then going underground to play and mix all kinds of music. We started as a team and loved to play disco music as a contrast to the dark techno vibes that would usually fill the rooms of the club. We called ourselves DEEP & DÜNNE which was a play of words kinda meaning yin & yang. I loved playing b2b and enjoyed always having someone right next to me during the sets to chat, drink or dance – it was a very fun time. So in the beginning, djing for me simply meant spending quality time with my friends. In a way that’s still the case even though I’ve been playing solo for a while now. I love having friends around as it helps me focus when I sometimes find myself nervous in front of a big crowd. In the process of finding and following my own sound I am learning to translate my personal flow of energy into a flow of music to communicate with the audience. It’s very cheesy and touchy-feely sometimes and I love to give these emotions a room of expression.

Sinamin (c) alexander peitz

What made the biggest impact on your style of djing?

I love including hits in my sets, songs everyone knows and can sing along. Songs that trigger lots of memories, that make you move and sing along no matter the lyrics. When I was little, my parents used to drive me to school every day because we lived outside of the city. During these hours we would listen to the morning radio that was playing all kinds of oldies, classics and hits of that time and we would sing along. My parents always worked hard so I didn’t get to spend much quality time with them. Therefore these morning rides and the radio hits became integral to me. It was a fun time we spent together, especially when there was traffic and I got late to school. Music brought us all together. And it still does to this day.

What is your connection to the Dresden scene?
Are there certain people / crews / places / clubs that had an early impact on you?

I was born and raised in Dresden, a city where most of the electronic music parties are self-organized. As a teen I was part of the music collective GREEN PLANET – a group of friends and idealists who organized indoor and outdoor parties playing jungle, drum ’n’ bass and dubstep. The shared values and the DIY aspect of the subcultural scene of the Dresden nightlife had a great early impact on how I wanted to live my life and share it with others.
Christoph Töpfer was the owner of the Sabotage Club where we had many parties. He later opened the TBA club where I eventually started to dj. I am grateful for the outspoken support that I received there and I really miss it. It was a place like home where you could always go and would know someone behind the bar and backstage. The club gave a lot of us searching souls a platform to develop as people and DJs.
And then there were the prosecco Sunday mornings in the outdoor tent at Sektor Evolution. After a long night spent on the dance floor or a short night spent in bed my friends and I loved the prosecco breakfast mood in the morning when everyone got soft and the sun came up. These moments when the sunlight pierces through the smoke filled air that is filled with love, melodies and disco, yeeees! 🙂 The thought of community and friendship, of deep talk and emotions, that mix of smiling faces, escapism and devotion always gives me the feels. This is something I’m still trying to bottle up and recreate with my choice and style of positive dance music.

Sinamin (c) alexander peitz

What are your projects for the next time?

I’m trying to focus on my studies, my friends and plants as well as the DISCOnnect podcast project that I share with the rest of the DISCOnnect crew. Robinson, Radscho and Ronald Koon – three very unique and talented artists. I’m very happy to be surrounded by these like-minded, supportive and kind people. We’re in the third year of our podcast series which makes me really proud. Currently we are planning to expand the format – very exciting!
Of course, generally it’s hard to plan ahead this year so I’m trying to play it by ear (which is funny enough a nice idiom), to take things slow and stay healthy. 🙂

Finally, what’s the last song before the lights are switched on?

“Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac ♥


  • 01 Le Knight Club – Hysteria (Pleasurelove Re-edit)
    02 Bibi Flash – Histoire d’1 Soir (Bye Bye Les Galères) (Jay Airiness Edit)
    03 France Gall – Elle Elle L’a (Folamour Edit)
    04 Gerd Janson & Jacques Renault – Never Saw Never
    05 Sir Stephen – Hypercolor Emulsion
    06 Tech Support – Friends
    07 Llewellyn – Synergy Bar
    08 Alan Dixon – Acid Drop (Swimming Mix)
    09 Hot Toddy – Positiv Emotion feat. Danielle Moore)
    10 Doctr – Hang Ten
    11 Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue – Diamond Man (Birdee Diamond Mix Instrumental)
    12 Sartorial – So Much
    13 Rafael Cancian – C’est La Douceur
    14 Sandrow M, Will Dubner – Disco Schlamboni
    15 Shit Hot Soundsystem – Kannushi
    16 Jürgen Paape – Soweit Wie Noch Niex