Zouk Special

Uncanny Valley · UV Funk 069: Zouk Special

This UV Funk radio show is dedicated to the long forgotten but recently rediscovered sound of the French West Indies that has been written down in Pop history by the name of Zouk. It was artists like the scene’s stars Kassav’ and Francky Vincent from Guadeloupe or little known Claude Robap from Martinique that formed a music that is heavily influenced by disco, calypso, funk, latin music, afro or highlife. It’s a super positive music that made public and party life better not only on the islands but also via immigrants in France. Thanks to the Parisian label Heavenly Sweetness with their “Digital Zandoli”-compilations and some fresh reissues chances are high that you can listen to Zouk-tracks on open minded dancefloors today.

Here’s UV Funk host Philipp Demankowski delivering a mix with his favorite Zouk tunes. Enjoy!

Feeling Kréyol
Eric Brouta


  • 01 Wally Badarou – Hi-Life
    02 Francky Vincent – Fruit De La Passion
    03 Claude Rodap – Zouklove
    04 Tabala – Tabala Mouv (Truccy Edit)
    05 Eric Brouta – Mon Biznes
    06 Jules-Henry Malaki – Makiyaj
    07 Juliane Ossard – Blanc E Noir
    08 Raphaël Toiné – Ce Ta Ou
    09 La Compagnie Créole – Mi-Yo
    10 Ramon Pyrme – Vacance Union
    11 Kassav’ – Moment Ta La
    12 Jean-Claude Naimro – Avèou Doudou
    13 Esa – A Muto
    14 Max Rambhojan – Cécilia
    15 Georges Décimus – Sika
    16 La Compagnie Créole – A.I.E. (Larry Levan Dub)
    17 Max Rambhojan – Tou’t Jou Pa Min’m
    18 Tala – Wick It Up
    19 Feeling Kréyol – Las Palé
    20 Jean-Luc Ponty – Rhum ‘N’ Zouk