Thanks to the uncanny activities, Sebastian Lohse aka Break SL and Stefan Menzel aka Sandrow M made the step from merely knowing each other and appreciating each other’s work to actually jamming together. It was soon obvious that they speak the same musical language – C-Beams was born.

Their first piece “Thumbling” is a direct result from these first sessions and came out on UV002. “One” on Smallville which has been praised to the sky for good reason proves that other key labels have also been captured by that special C-Beams beauty. And, with their first own EP “Strollin” – supported by Tina Slotta’s vocal talents – they’ve finally made it to thecontemporary House scene.

They are busy creating new productions while still having an open mind for exterior influences. At the time of speaking, it is not yet in sight, which stylistic paths the two of them will eventually take. But what’s here to stay is the magic of the moment.

Break SL · C-Beams - Thumbling (Uncanny Valley 002)