Steve Kasper

The ways of music lovers are actually not that inscrutable as you might think. At least Steve Kasper’s ways of musical preferences are pretty easy to reconstruct. In his home town Demmin on the Baltic Sea there was Hip-Hop at first. After he moved to Dresden, he danced his ass off at Drum’n’Bass parties and not long after he got into djing. Dresden’s small, unfortunately now defunct club legend L’Houp was the first location for his DJ sets which were still under the banner of rough Breakbeat at that time.

After Steve discovered Dubstep, the parties became more numerous, bigger and musically versatile. His dedication to Dubstep is reflected in his more recent productions. In spite of his young age, he is up to every trick when it comes to producing hot tunes. Good proofs of that are not only the three releases on but also his constantly evolving live set. As part of the Sub Sickness crew again, he is taking care of Dubstep in Dresden. At Uncanny Valley he is responsible for the required twist, for example with his “Unvexed Dub” on UV010 or “Puli Kali (Rooted Dub)”, a track he put together with his local friend Götterkreis for the UV20-compilation.  Finally, his first solo-record, the fabulous “Drift EP” came out in 2015.

Steve Columbo // Steve.e! · The Munchies Mix (2008)