Once again, we haven’t managed to keep to the rule of releasing only one release a month. That’s why 2018 feels well filled again with a total of 13 releases. 6 x Unvanny Valley, 4 x Rat Life, 3 x shtum. Here is an overview:

Panthera Krause – All My Circuits Part I (UV043)


We started in January with Panthera Krause and his All My Circuits Part I Ep. Four Tracks with dance music to freak out. Robert aka Panthera also had the idea for the cover. In a library he found old GDR travel books about South America from the 60s with wonderfully colored photos. It seems very strange that in a closed system, where you were not allowed to travel, books about the unattainable were published. We selected the most beautiful ones from a large number of pictures for the record. Raul Kokott has also developed a special Panthera Krause font. That was a nice start into the year 2018!

Serial Error – Drum Abuse ‎(RAT13)

uncannyvalley.de - BrDK8GNHWIw_BrDK8ELnpxT

Three is a dirty number. The unholy trinity of Jacob KornSneakerDJ and CREDIT 00 aka Serial Error brought their Super Sound Maxi Single “Drum Abuse” to life last January via Rat Life Records. The track was carved and polished in Jacob’s studio in Dresden-Mitte that was also a home to lots of other Dresden-based artists. Unfortunately, that place is history now thanks to the almighty power of local urban developers. That’s a bit of a pity, also because the place has played an important role in UV’s history. We often sat there in large groups, drank local Pilsner and listened to new demos, which later became megahits when pressed onto records.

Amrint Keen – AK OK ‎(UV044)

uncannyvalley.de - BrNbMdTHCrH_BrNbMaUHWEG

It’s a match. That’s what came to our mind when we played that Amrint Keen-demos during an intense research into the oily world of Murat Önen. Thank God, both of them liked the idea too. Lake People, who just gave birth to his new alias Amrint Keen, was very enthusiastic when we showed him Murats paintings after enjoying a good amount of Saxon style Bami Goreng. And Murat wasn’t a stranger to a good Lake People-track when playing as a DJ. The fruitful connection between the two will be continued soon, by the way.

Iron Curtis – Sweet Romancer (UV045)

uncannyvalley.de - BrQZ9D_HSDa_BrQZrCTAHlr

In March, we released Sweet Romancer by Iron Curtis. Carl had the idea for the artwork when he saw a scaffold on his street. It looked like a huge pillow and from that day on, Carl couldn’t walk through town without seeing giant cushions on the construction sites. He started to create a photo series from which the cover was made. It is a symbol for the rapidly changing cities.  Behind the curtains, there are good as well as bad things hidden. You never know. Pillow also fits well as a picture to Johannes’ record, because it’s music you can immerse yourself into.

Planet Underground – Shtum 015 (shtum015)


In April, we released a record by Planet Underground aka Smiley on shtum. You don’t know him? No wonder, he makes himself very rare. His great passion is collecting ultra rare GDR records. More precisely: He collects white labels of the communist era. Did you know that the factory in your neighborhood released early records with sounds of the machines? No? Planet Underground has a white label of the pressing. A true expert. For us, it was possible to create a kind of honeypot situation to get in touch with him. So it took a long time until we put together this record with tracks that Smiley recorded in the 90s and early 2000s. The record is a techno and acid insider tip! Few copies left at clone.nl, HHV and Decks Records.de comes in regular an ltd silk print version.

Credit 00 – The Metal Beat EP (RAT14)


When John Foxx named the song “Metal Beat” after the Roland CR-78 drum machine on his groundbreaking debut album “Metamatic”, CREDIT 00 wasn’t even born yet. Anyway, the fascination for the pioneers of electronic sounds definitely influenced his “Metal Beat” version almost 28 years later. The conclusion of his studies could be that even in post-industrial society people are still driven by the stomping sounds of machines. A beat that he translated into music with his “Metal Beat EP”. And dancing to this music is very much recommended even in the times of late capitalism. Only on Rat Life Records.

Cuthead – Can’t You See (UV047)

uncannyvalley.de - Brm3GSAnjtq_Brm3GN2HdBy

The cover idea for Cuthead‘s latest record evolved on his weekly fishing trip with Carl at the rough moorland of Dresden. While burning down a house (like only a Talking Head could do) they encountered a furry Alien Life Form that claimed it just arrived from a hiking trip on Mount Platti. To distract him from an extensive cat hunt, they played the new Cuthead tunes on the portable turntable they always have with them when fishing. The strange creature got into the groove quickly and discovered its full body potential.

Chino – Kolaps (shtum016)

uncannyvalley.de - BrryjM_Hkte_BrryjKbnS3t

This fine gentleman’s name is Artur aka Chino. With his record for shtum we celebrated the Deutsch Polnische Freundschaft. Together with his Radar Crew Artur is an important institution in the Polish music scene. He likes robots, dogs, brutalist architecture and his favorite place are the Tatra mountains. And of course he is also an excellent graphic artist and musician. Combining all these things you might get an idea how the record is sounding. If you want to know more about Chino, check out his interview with Схема.

Herzel – Forms (UV046)

uncannyvalley.de - BrseMTtHbov_BrseMQnnDeR

It’s just fun to work with people you like. We always count ourselves lucky when an online acquaintance turns out to be a good person in real life as well. At least, that was what we noticed when Herzel visited us for the first time in Dresden after we fell in love with the music that would later become the “Forms”-EP. And after we discovered that the Macedonian also appreciates a good Soljanka, he had us completely.

Or as Herzel himself describes it with this little aphorism:

“When form is an anti-form.
When formal structure reflects on the values that disintegrate.
When every effort is a counterpoint.
When the theme emphasizes disintegration.


Leif Müller – shtum 017 (shtum017)

uncannyvalley.de - Bru0iCAnQkC_Bru0iACnsVm

Directly after the hottest summer of the millennium we continued with Leif Müller on shtum. Massive beats meet finest carpets made of acid and high-quality hi-hats. That’s the music you want to hear when you come out of your factory on Friday and feel like having a glass of good Korn. If you ever have the opportunity to meet Leif in person, please hug him and send greetings from the Uncanny Valley boys of Dresden. Ciao!

Mr. Incognito – The Secret Lab (RAT15)

uncannyvalley.de - Br70kb7HFZ1_Br70kYAHyJP

In a tiny little room in Dresden-Striesen Mr. Incognito has been working on tracks for the acid eternity. The creature samples a lot from all sorts of sound sources, such as old records, radio play cassettes or films. While producing he is into both, analog and digital sound generators, and has just as much fun turning knobs and using sliders as he does clicking the mouse to edit, cut and copy recorded sounds and samples. He is also a big fan of the TB-303 and TR-808, which are regulars on many of his tracks. He likes to overdrive the 808 a bit. That’s a part of the Mr. Inognito trademark. The tracks of “The Secret Lab” are about one and a half to two and a half years old. Except for “This is Oldschool”, which was written six years ago. Out on Rat Life Records.

Qnete – shtum 018 ‎(shtum018)

uncannyvalley.de - BsCy_NRHvO1_BsCy_KYHO88

It was an exciting year for our Mixmaster Qnete. He released his first album on 777 Recordings, founded his own clothes label Can’t decide, is now resident at Zur Klappe Berlin and has released party beats on shtum. There’s a lot more that has happened. You should definitely try to answer the following questions: What ist he thing behind the Segway picture on his shtum record? Why is Qnete wearing a helmet? Do palm trees actually grow in Leipzig? Is there a petting zoo at the Institut fuer Zukunft?

½ GOTT – EP (UV048)

uncannyvalley.de - BsDn4DnH6oN_BsDn3_4n2l8

It was like fate when Scannoir and SneakerDJ met in Zurich to go on a temporary electronic journey through time. During the expert discussion about the social impetus of EBM and especially during the mutual audition of various sound generators, there was suddenly this moment that only gullible people would equate with a theophany. ½ GOTT was born. After months of archive research to find out how to describe the project title correctly, the first music arose like phoenix from the ashes.