In anticipation to our party at Sektor here in UV’s homebase Dresden, we thought it would be more than delightful to spread some words about our main man on this night. We do not tell you anything new, but Serge from Rotterdam has been a stalwart supporter of underground House and Techno music for more than 20 years now. And most of his activities center around this powerhouse called Clone. What once started off as a small record store in Rotterdam has long since become one of the most respected networks in electronic music. It is not only the label, Clone is distributor (e.g. for the Uncanny Valley records), mail order, digital shop and still a record store. As all German speaking readers can learn from this excellent interview with Finn Johannsen, Serge and his friends started all that by necessity. There was simply no good record store in Rotterdam before Clone and there were no decent distribution channels in Holland.

As you can imagine, someone with such a history in electronic music has be a good DJ. And indeed, his sets are not your typical DJ experience. They are wise but always hard rocking. He’s killing all those super clubs like Berghain or Fabric. And he has been doing that for decades now, as you can check for yourself by listening to this recently uploaded mix, he did for the dutch VPRO radio back in 1993.

Serge – house mix from cassette (around ’93’94) by clone records

Having said that, we want to focus on the label for the following. In 2007 there was a break for Clone. Serge decided to separate the initial label into several smaller series that are dedicated to more specific sounds. He found himself constrained to do that because Clone has evolved into a label with many different styles of electronic music.

So what could be more natural than to have a closer look. Here’s our guide to the Clone series.

Clone Aqualung Series

This series seems to serve as an exclusive lab for Victoria Lucas’ and Heinrich Müllers’ Zerkalo-project.

Releases so far (December 2011): 2
Artists: Zerkalo


Clone Basement Series

Basement series is just basic tracks that show its real nature being played out loud in a dark basement or a no-nonsens club where people come just to dance and get sweaty. It is a sublabel which focuses on the more chicago house/jack culture and also on future bass recently.

Releases so far (December 2011): 11
Artists: Mike Dehnert, Untold, Blawan, Dexter,…

Clone Basement Series 010 Untold – Little Things Like That / Bachelor’s Delight by clone records

Clone Classic Cuts

The basic principle reissuing old Italo and House tracks from long ago is a very neat idea indeed. Giving those people unlucky enough to miss them the first time around a chance to hear the best tracks that 80’s House, Electro and Italo Disco had to offer. Running since 2006, the label recently brought attention to Dutch cult outfit Unit Moebios via their “The Golden Years”-EPs.

Releases so far (December 2011): 22
Artists: Dopplereffekt, Mike Dunn, Unit Moebius, Gay Cat Park,…

Clone Classic Cuts 021 Clio – Eyes by clone records

Clone Club Series

As the name suggests this series is dedicated to true oldschool New Jersey-inspired House which should definitely be played in a club.

Releases so far (December 2011): 3
Artists: Mina Jackson and The Children, Kaspar, Jovonn & DJ Deep

CCS03 Dj Deep and Jovonn – Back In The Dark by clone records

Clone Crown Ltd.

Maybe the least known and therefore the one worth discovering the most of the Clone series. Crown Ltd. is all about hip shaking Electro tunes whose creators search for inspiration in both Electro and Booty Funk just as they watch the developments of Dubstep.

Releases so far (December 2011): 6
Artists: Erik Travis, Dexter, Reggie Blount, Zacky Force Funk & Kutmah, Jellphonic

Dexter – Space Booty/ Fat Skinny People by clone records

Clone Jack For Daze Series

This is for Chicago and Acid flavoured House tunes. It’s just what famous Jack needs to get off his ass. The secret weapon of the series is living House legend Mike Dunn.

Releases so far (December 2011): 9
Artists: Steve Summers, Geeeman, Murphy Jax, Harmony Funk,…

CJFD08 – T. Trax – T. Trax by clone records

Clone Loft Supreme Series

Loft Supreme stands for trips in Discoish territories. While House and bass heavy music dominates the other series Loft Supreme serves as home for those rapturous sounds which have already been playing an imortant role at the parent label’s catalogue.

Releases so far (December 2011): 7
Artists: Elitechnique, Putsch 79, Kaos, Reggie Dokes,…

Putsch 79 – Samasavel – Original Mix – (Clone loft supreme series 06) by clone records

Clone West Coast Series

Dutch only! This themed series is focusing just on Dutch artists coming from the west coast. There has always been a lot of musical exchange between cities like Rotterdam, Den Haag or Leiden. Andy West Coast serves as one of many platforms for those artists.

Releases so far (December 2011): 7
Artists: Legowelt, Mr. Pauli, The Hasbeens, Versalife,…

CWCS06 Versalife – Night Time Activities part 2 – B2 Observing The Outland by clone records

Royal Oak

We don’t know if Serge is okay with that but Royal Oak seems to work more as an independent label than as a series. It’s not only the fact that there is no reference to Clone in the name. The stylistic scope is just too wide to pin it down to one specific genre. You’ll get sample-heavy Deep House as well as sophisticated P-Funk.

Releases so far (December 2011): 12
Artists: Reggie Dokes, Space Dimension Controller, Genius Of Time, Marco Bernardi,…

Clone Royal Oak 010 Gerd – Palm Leaves by clone records

Philipp Demankowski