“Panthera Krause‘s music-making habits teeter on the precipice between moody and outright fun house; a technique which has done wonders for the Leipzig melody maker since his early years. The mould was set with his weekly podcasts and 2012’s “Cassandra” on local imprint O*RS. Then further solidified via the Yorikke EP in 2013 – a three-track mid-summer trip on Riotvan – and the delights of his Rules EP (2014) on Lobster Theremin and the Laika EP (2014) on Riotvan.

The Uncanny Valley connection was established during the back end of last year. The pumping “Coochie” formed part of the Uncanny Valley: Five Years On Parole release and was quite the foretaste. And here we arrive at “Umami”; a lesson in colourful and let-loose four-to-the-floor which first saw light on our recent Dresden show with the UV fam.

Catch the release on vinyl and Bandcamp on Feb 19 and on digital on Feb 22. Indulge in this pre-order. It’s only right.