C-Beams contributed the latest Podcast for our dear friends from Field Records.  This is a special recording from our Labelshowcase at Panoramabar back in May 2011.

We took the chance to ask the label manager Arjan some questions.

UV: How would you define your label and the music that you are releaseing?

Arjan: Field Records keeps up the Dutch tradition of deep, Detroit-inspired electronic music with high-class contributions from various artists.

UV: When did you started Field Records and what is your inspiration behind it?

Arjan: We started the platform in 2008 with the idea of creating a small but fresh musical base for Dutch artists, with a particular focus on exclusive 12” runs, simplicity and tight aesthetics. The DIY method from the first two releases – 100 copies each which we sold by ourselves to only a couple of record stores around – has been upgraded to a more structured distribution process, but the concept didn’t changed that much ever since. We’re still publishing music we really like in various forms – 12”, digital, and soon also on tape and CD – and like to continue being the friendly home base to various artists.

UV: What’s the story behind your A&R ?

Arjan: We also like to combine young artists with settled names, making sure we’re on spot with presenting new talent. A good example is Artefakt, a two-piece act of two Dutch youngsters who are settled in Amsterdam/Berlin. We are lucky to push their first release on the upcoming Field EP, followed up by more collaborational projects. On the other hand, long-run artists such as Duplex, Conforce and Steffi always provide a high standard, ensuring our quality control policy. Best of both worlds, so to say.

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