Listen to the latest Carl Suspect Radio show on Noods. Under the main theme Electronics from the GDR he compiled a wide range of electronic, dance, wave and punk music from east Germany before the wall came down. Some of the tracks were released on state owned Amiga label, some were self-released on tapes or were even never released.

Carl Suspect · Suspect Radio 09 – May 2020 (GDR Electronics, Wave & Punk Special)


01. UNIT – Unit V (Amiga)
02. Stern-Combo Meißen – Licht in das Dunkel (Amiga)
04. Pond – Jumbo (Amiga)
05. Karl-Marx-Stadt Studio Big Band 1989 – Außenposten (Self-Released)
06. Der Expander Des Fortschritts – Kluge Köpfe Rollen Gut (Zong)
07. Schleimkeim Interlude
08. Creme Diffuse – Graue Stadt (Self-Released)
09. Reinhard Lakomy – Ein Gotischer Fall (Interlude) Erdenklang
10. Reinhard Lakomy – Der Traum Von Asgard (Amiga)
11. Rainer Oleak – Chidher Grün (Erdenklang)
12. AG Geige – Maximale Gier (Amiga)
13. Casi Mosi – Schniegli Normali (Suspect Edit) (Amiga)
14. Pop Projekt – 0-0-0 (Amiga)
15. Key – Ketchup (Amiga)
16. Zobel – Untiled (Self-Released)
17. Feeling B – Space Race (Motor Music)
18. Pond – Mondflug (Erdenklang)
19. Die Gehirne – Ewigkeit und Zeit / Wie ein Adler (Self-Released)
20. Staub Der Sterne Outro

For a further insight into the topic we recommend the sensational interview with the late Norbert Jäger from “Stern-Combo Meißen” which Philipp and Conrad recorded for a Cosmic Listener show in 2009.

1.Stern-Combo Meißen -In den Kosmos [Amiga]
2. Stern-Combo Meißen -Kampf um den Südpol [Amiga ]
3. The Temptations -Papa was a Rolling Stone [Motown]
4. Fusion -Ausblick (live)
5. Stern-Combo Meißen -Die Sage [Amiga]
6. Electra Combo -Der Hahn mit dem roten Kamm [Amiga]
7. Trilok Gurtu with Joe Zawinul -The other tune [CMP]
8. Norbert Jäger -Amen und Aufwiedersehen
9. Stern-Combo Meißen -Das kurze Leben des Raimund S. [Overlight]

We also recommend the UV-Funk Amiga Special:

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