jp_podcast90_590Credit 00 made a vigorous podcast for Juno Plus. And they did a pretty revealing interview with him:

“We return to Dresden as Uncanny Valley artist Credit 00 lays down a 75-minute mix that demonstrates his influences and acts as an introduction to the Rat Life Records label.

“A lot of times we played places that got fear in ‘em, where some fear went down. East Germany, you know Dresden, places that ain’t particularly happy.” This was the quote attributed to UR’s Mad Mike which first introduced Rat Life Records, the latest offshoot of Dresden label Uncanny Valley overseen by Credit 00, an imprint which is trying to channel some of the rawness and imperfection that characterised EBM, industrial and nascent forms of house and techno. Rat Life Records may have only released two 12″s so far, but they’ve been some of the most visceral dancefloor tools you will come across this year, with the Mick Wills edit of Autonervous a particularly brutal highlight….”

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