Here you can download Jacob Stoy’s Redenswart EP from 2012 for free (until Sunday):

For those of you who are not familiar with Bandcamp yet: click “buy now” at the digital album and enter zero (or any other amount you favor).

Enjoy the music!

After all efforts were put into Jacob Korn’s debut album during summer 2012 Uncanny Valley strikes back with namesake Jacob Stoy and his very first solo EP after his “S51” for the UV010-compilation.

Everything starts with “Redensart”, a sunny piece of music with a sneaky bassline and easy synth pads that come across like a warm rain shower: It’s House in the end but feels like so much more. “Hauswart” is an impressive example of how one can create a whole atmosphere of sound within two minutes. It’s short but feels so comfortable that you really like it to go on and on forever.

“Start” is maybe the most conventional Deep House track on the EP and seduces with catchy synth chords and thrilling drums. Finally “Gegenwart” brings things to a jazzy end with tipsy synths and tripping percussions.

The artwork comes from none other than Jacob’s father Olaf Stoy, who is a painter, lyricist and porcelain designer still working in Jacob’s hometown Rabenau near Dresden.