The Dresden based artist Paul Barsch is part of the exhibition considerables. to my unlimited mind at Einfahrt, Düsseldorf. Under his moniker XRRRX, Paul was responsible for the artwork of the CVBox debut 12″.

considerables. to my unlimited mind

“Such a strange feeling…He was the old generation , he was my childhood period , that time I was playing in the garden , without problems, being free , running like a wild animal , refusing to understand the major problems of adults , living in my world , an uncommunicative for others , but with lots of meanings for myself! “What means to die?” I have asked my grandmother when I was a child.” Well …only the body will die, will be motionless, without life’s color, will be put in some coffin , later the worms will start to eat the body …., outside the grass will grow , and flowers , and trees….But the soul will leave free…to another world… . Disgusting, my body, my body, I don’t want it to … worms eat it , die….”



05.06. – 07.06., opening: June 6th @ _einfahrt / Jahnstraße 4 / 40215 Düsseldorf

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