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Since we always attach great importance to the small talk competence of our listeners, we thought it would be interesting to compile some background information to every release. After Panthera Krause and Iron Curtis it’s all about Cuthead this time. He’s talking about how his latest EP “Can’t you see” came into being.

How did the record come about? How and when did you produce the tracks?

Most of the tracks were produced in 2017. Some are a bit older like “Mount Platti”, which I did in 2016 in Paris. It’s not that i had a specific concept for an EP in mind, when I started. I kept trying different approches like trap with “Lunar Lander” and synth-heavy hip-hop on “Tranquility Base”. After collecting a lot of sketches, the label and me were selecting a nice tracklist for the EP and Jacob Korn did the mastering with his new Tape machine.

Was there a musical premise or sounds you wanted to approach?

I think the release is more true to the roots of the Cuthead-sound, but I also took the next step to develop my style. In comparison to my Rat Life release, I used a lot of samples again. There is a big inflation in sample based house music and also hip-hop beats over the last couple of years and there are not many House tunes nowadays which attract my attention. I tried to do something that I would like to listen to as a House-head and could still enjoy after almost everything is said in the genre.

What is the story behind the artwork?

When it comes to art, for me its just about the emotions it evokes. No matter if it’s music, film or photography, I am usually not impressed by deep thoughts of artists and explanations. Same goes for my cover. I liked the photograph, it felt like a good idea to throw it in a lake. Burning buildings are somehow fascinating, because there is a strange vibe to it and a weird mixture of feelings of campfire and war.

What’s next for you?

Maybe an album and collaborations with musicians.