As always with our releases, we thought it would be a nice bonus feature to compile some background information. So, here’s CVBox with some insights about his comeback-record for Uncanny Valley, the mesmerizing TeqNoTv. Plus, some thoughts about the artwork from our very own Carl Suspect.

CVBox: “Ausklang, reality and future. Extra world or parallel world, we are all a bit shizophrenic. That’s pretty much the state of mind I was in when I made the first sketches, somewhen between 2012 and 2015. CV gate synthesizers, rhythm composers and sampling were crucial. I dont want to list any instrumenst. I work in my own way when producing. Later, I recomposed the tracks between 2016 and 2018 until they were reborn in a new guise.”

Carl Suspect: “We started working on this EP at the end of 2019. I met Christoph several times for walks and beers in the park. We talked about his music, influences, life and former pets. My idea was to turn the sound of 90s ROM samplers and digital effects units into a sleeve design. You know those 19” rack units that look like car radios with jog wheels, LCD displays and fonts from the future. As a starting point, CVBox gave me a folder of strangely distorted images he had taken with a pre-internet digital camera. We both like the minimalist design of Pan Sonic and Sähkö Records, which influenced my work a lot. My goal was also to communicate the information on the cover more with colours and symbols. This is because Christoph is better at remembering what the record looks/sounds like than remembering the name of the record. Like an interface of an old car radio – you always know how to turn up the volume.”