Herzel Live

Since we always attach great importance to the small talk competence of our listeners, we thought it would be interesting to compile some background information to every release. After Panthera KrauseIron Curtis and Cuthead it’s all about Herzel this time. He’s talking about how his EP “Forms” came into being.

How did the record come about? How and when did you produce the tracks?
The record is a result of my work process in the last two years. When it comes to deciding which tracks create a story you need another pair of ears. In this case, there were many ears participating in shaping the “Forms”-EP. The credit goes to the UV team 🙂

Herzel by Petar Petkovski #2 2017

Was there a musical premise or sounds you wanted to approach?

There isn’t a specific method on which I rely on. My approach is more intuitive and playful. I work until I get to the result that satisfiy my technical and aesthetic needs. When listening to the material of “Forms” I can recognize traces of New Wave, Synth Wave, EBM, House and Techno,  my early musical influences that shaped me as the person that I am today. 

What is the story behind the artwork?
When I visited the UV headquarters in Dresden, ideas were floating around regarding the potential artwork. We had a very creative night and warm friendly atmosphere. Afterwards, Carl came up with a specific art direction for the design. The artwork that he did is excellent and in my opinion the aesthetics of the artwork extends perfectly the musical content of the record. 
What’s next for you?

One of my tracks will be featured on the cultish “The Future Sound Of Jazz” compilation on Compost Records. I hope that my album will follow soon.