It’s the second video trailer for Uncanny Vacation split together with Permanent Vacation. To pay this short movie a little tribute Albrecht did an interview with video producer Stefan Haag aka Chinaski.

Q: Thanks Stefan for the first Trailer and the latest video now. Personally for me it’s more like a tiny MTV show that you’ve produced for us. In the first trailer it was all about zapping through tv channels – which direction did you followed now in the second short movie?

A: As a child I was always bugged by these infomercials that aired on TV. This unctuous aesthetic plus all the things you don’t really need. For a record with only 4 songs this seemed to be decadent enough. In the end it was a revenge upon my childhood demons. For the execution of the plan real filming was necessary. Professor Dr. Heiner Blum of the HG Offenbach connected me with the very nice movie director Doreen Keck from Frankfurt.

Q: What is it about the dialogues and texts that are appearing in the clip?

A: The classic infomercial is like a permanent torture. There is commentary and information that induces you to buy but they’re all gassy and soft boiled. This produces a vacuum that I wanted to fill up with ideas and texts of the music producers.

Q: Your video work has this charming 80’s VHS flair. Did you relate the optics to the music or the artwork of the record or is it your own personal interpretation of the integrated work of art?

A: It’s a mixture of everything. I am getting much inspiration from the past. The aesthetic of this time made a big impact to me as a child. I am really obsessive when I am doing my researches. It’s like a continuous thread through all of my work. The music and also the artwork by Alexander Dorn are aiming to this period of time. So I thought this could be much fun for me.

Stefan Haag is doing music under his moniker Chinaski.
Check out his website for visual art too: SouthofMouth

1st Trailer for Uncanny Vacation by Stefan: