Hi Pepi, what’s up with the Czech underground? Is Brno a good place for electronic and Disco music lovers?

I have to explain: I used to live in Brno for ten years but moved to Prague  2 years ago. Both cities got someting to offer to electronic music fans. There are few promoter groups in underground house and techno music scene who are respecting and supporting each other and so there is always something to go to when it comes to weekend nightlife.

You have been deejaying since 2001. How has it evolved over the years?

Back in the days Techno from Birmingham, Slovakia, Sweden or Japan came in the first place for  me.  Later I liked labels such as Kanzleramt, Neue Heimat, discovered and felt in love with dozens of Detroit’s producers. After that I was totally enjoying sound revolution around clicks’n’cuts and minimal house/techno. On the other side I liked the chillout scene all the time. Compost records, English broken beats, downtempo from Vienna, disco, funk, soul, deephouse… I both enjoy massive sound parties where you can hit the ground running and all night long bar selector trips through universes without beats.

You played alongside some wellknown and maybe not so known DJs. Who inspired you the most?

There are really lots of them and they are all very nice. Downright uplifting were meetings on my own parties with names like Joakim, Roman Flügel or Ata. Another big moment for me was the encounter with Leipzig and it’s musical personalities, the best DJs in the world ever are still Filburt, Manamana and Steffen Bennemann for me 🙂

What about the Shotgun Festival? Some great guys have played there in 2014. Are you still involved? How would you describe its vibe and will there be a 2015 edition? 

This year I was helping with booking Marcellis and Lena Willikens. The festival is organized by my big friend DJ Mooris. Together we also make autumn and spring club editions at Cross Club in Prague.

Is MUAH still present? What plans do you have with the project?

MUAH! is asleep. My actual projects are Ritual at Meet Factory Club (Roman Flügel, Juju & Jordash, Smallpeople) and Onemoretime? in Kabinet Múz (Paramida, Lena Willikens, Elisabeth).

Finally, do you have some tips regarding hot Czech producers?

A lot of my friends are playing with sound and machines. Albums and singles releases, mostly digitally, no bigger breakthrough happened. To mention some names at least: Elektrabel is a great producer for years for me and I really enjoy B4 band concerts.

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