Geprg Hpfmann loves to play around. Not only with words or his music machines under the Vogelmenach-guise. He also has an undeniable play instinct when it comes to making art (or whatever you wanna call it). Just hop over to his blog and you will understand. Maybe that’s why Credit 00 picked him as Main Master Chief Responsible (MMCR) for the cover artwork of “The Living Room Life”, Credits latest record for Uncanny Valley. Perhaps it’s just because they are friends, though.
Anyway, we thought we sit down with the man and ask him a couple of questions.

Hey Geprg, could you please introduce yourself?

My Name is Geprg Hpfmann, born 1982 in Dresden and that’s also where I grew up.
I’m into making Music since 1998, but I also did a lot of art and other stuff, just for the fun of it. I’m totally into media art and stuff, like weird photoshop stuff or just stupid pictures or gifs, random shit… everything.

I like everything.

You don’t like the letter O, don’t you?

Haha, yeah obviously not. But it’s also that I like to play with letters and words.
I changed my music alias too – from Vogelmensch to Vogelmenach. It just looks better and sounds better.

I have to admit that it’s based on typing mistakes in chats and I like that shit.

Besides music, is photography your art of choice?

At the moment it definitely is, but i do whatever I want.
Doodle faces, animals, unicorns, guinea pigs, chillin with my friend Bürgi. Watching commercials and try to get drunk.

Why Polaroid, an almost dead medium?

For me it’s mostly the thing that it’s always an original.There is no way to reproduce it.
You take a picture. And then you hold it in your hands like 5 seconds later and wait like a little child before christmas what you’ll get.
There are a lot of things you can’t really control, like the colour and stuff. I only use the old original cartridges but it gets harder and harder to buy them. They get low on stock with the original Polaroid films. You can only get expired films but that’s cool. Every picture is different. Some are like sepia or a bit blue or yellow.

So, what’s the idea behind the artwork?

There is no big idea behind this.
The pics are arranged that it looks like a window so it fits the album title “The Living Room Life”.
Four tracks, four pictures. A sheep, Autobahn, factory and a car, stuff that surrounds you and looks cool, that’s it.

Do these pictures represent home for you?

Yes, totally. They’re all shot in in Saxony and are definitely reflecting how it feels to be here.

What would be a good record artwork in your opinion?

A cool font like Windings or Comic Sans and a picture of a cute puppy dog would be perfect for every record cover.

What’s the thing Credit and you are sharing? Friendship in the end?

Yeah we’re close friends. Like laying around smoking weed listening to goa and trance.

XOXO Geprg.

Words & Interview: Philipp Demankowski