by Chris Schwartz – 1/11/2013

“This EP from Dresden Valley boy Cuthead is a captivating release which balances out 3 house records with 6 short hip hop jams. It’s a rarity to see two distinct musical flavours amalgamate like this on one EP, and I’m not sure anyone has ever pulled it off so well before…except for Cuthead himself. By bringing together these two genres, Cuthead also brings to the surface notions about the genres’ historical and acoustic similarities.

Hip Hop and House are two genres that pretty much share the same DNA. They both arose in the late 70’s / early 80’s on the back of the flamboyant Disco era. The two types of music stemmed from the inner cities of the United States, where young beat-makers started to sample old Disco, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Funk and R&B records. House came out of the gay nightclubs in Chi-Town and Hip Hop was born on the Bronx street corner, and there’s no doubt that New York City played a major part in the commercial development of both Genres


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