Little White Earbuds featured The Living Room Life off Credit 00’s recent EP in their March Charts. That’s what they think about it:
“One by one, the Dresden-based producers who were introduced to the world through Uncanny Valley’s various artists EPs are getting their chance to stretch out across EPs. Happily, the first impressions made by their one off tracks have generally proved to be quite indicative of the quality that’s followed. The latest is Alexander Dorn, better known as Credit 00, who offers a wonky, unpredictable takes on Midwestern techno and electro on The Living Room EP. Perhaps the most straightforward is the title track, in which Dorn’s sense of feng shui affords each element enough space to avoid overshadowing the rest. Its affable, main synth line could be a wheelie chair, feeling free to roam beyond its initial patterns — the blocky bass line acting as an ottoman which follows close behind. Meanwhile, the hi-hat blinds restlessly open and close and the high pitched toms pace the length of the room. The track’s pacing keeps its limited but versatile elements feeling fresh, sometimes leaning forward and others reclining to the beat of a well placed clap pattern. And when dropped at the right time, it give dancers a break from predictable 4/4 patterns without pushing them out of the groove.”

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