Antithetical to the concise aesthetic statements found across well-rehearsed 12”s, the full length LP is dangerous territory for most producers. Having to spread the kinesis of a taut club track across 60 minutes without exhausting the listener is difficult. Relying on the usual compositional techniques transforms potent ideas into islands in an uninviting sea of DJ-friendly intros and outros. Conversely, cutting the dancefloor out of the equation often neuters any appeal the artist once had, relegating their vision to the electronic music world’s analogue of coffee table jazz: the dreaded “post-club comedown album.” Of course, the biggest elephant in the room is that the platonic ideal for expressing the myriad beauties and contours of your dancefloor vision in long form already exists in the shape of studio mixes. For instance, compare and contrast the extremely potent Fabric 45 mix Omar-S crafted entirely from his own material with his often sluggish LPs.

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