Sandrow M - Prayervan EP

“On the opening track of his new record Prayervan, Germany’s Sandrow M has a real go at being Matthew Dear. He implements pitch-black and very male vocals over music that could be radically transformed if he deployed their more predictable, house friendly opposites. It’s an unusual road for the producer, an unashamed dark pop moment, but it works, especially in the context of the rest of the record. For once a producer has discovered he can do this type of thing without getting over excited about it.

He never returns to this dark yet populous place. Instead the next thing you’re met with is oddly challenging when presented in juxtaposition to the title track. “Facerunner” dunks you into a tech house universe where everything is very deliberately inhuman. “Gonna Make” strikes the perfect balance between the two and it’s the best track he’s ever released. It features a hideously infectious vocal sample that leads the tack out into an unexpected, funky and celebratory solo. “Schnubi” gives the whole thing a gritty, creative ending that draws beautiful synth lines from an assortment of bits and bobs he drips across your speakers. I’ve just described to you four very different approaches to music but what makes this release so ultimately rewarding is how surprisingly cohesive it is. The record never feels eclectic but never feels restrained to one idea or delivery mode making each track an exciting but instantly enjoyable sharp-turn. Over a electronic record this brief it is a feat remarkably hard to achieve. ”

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