Cuthead, AKA Robert Arnold, brings a love of hip-hop to his house music although across five tracks on this EP, the Dresden producer actually works his way in and out of a number of styles. On “Vibratin'” the moody analogue hum of the soundbed is speared by an intense acidic sturm and drang; “Brother” arrives on a bed of jackhammer, foundation-wobbling beats which ebb away on a tide of fluid, deep Detroit pads, spiraling funk bass and a looped Rhodes sample.

“Trangressions” is penetrated by deep UV rays reminiscent of Parrish, Bradock and Wamdue Project; an off-kilter pitch-bent synth motif wanders in and out of itself like a Escher woodcut. It’s then that Cuthead, ahem, cuts loose. “Seram Lembah” is Indonesian-influenced hip-hop, strolling through its two-minute span with a Mr Scruff-style freako bassline that always appears one step behind. On “Heartless,” Arnold samples US MOR outfit Three Dog Night’s “Easy to Be Hard” (as heard on serial killer flick, Zodiac), lashing it to farty reversed bass and an itchy percussive loop.

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