Break SL turned up on the very first release from Dresden’s Uncanny Valley, and now he returns for his first full EP on his hometown label. His take on house music has always leaned towards the moody, downbeat end of the spectrum, with crisp, unvarnished drum machines nesting inside hushed chords; “Desert Flight” sounds him going slower and murkier still, with dragging kicks and sludgy bass that would fit right in with tracks from Kassem Mosse or Claro Intelecto. The broken-down, cracked-out vibe is accentuated by a top line that bristles with bright harmonics, faintly recalling Oni Ayhun’s glassy high end, and strange, spoken-word snippets about a man on fire, seemingly snatched from police radio.

“Amorphed Limits” shakes off the muddled vibes and digs into a far more determined groove, with dry, jacking house beats offset by just a hint of Latin shimmy. No matter how placid the chords, it’s still nasty as anything, with a raw, resonant bass line and even more bite in the drums. As always with Break SL, he keeps the rhythm loose, daubing off-beat accents on top of a swinging, slightly unstable groove. Finally, “Beercase Song” trots out a meandering spoken word over sprightly Rhodes chords and chattering drum machines for a jammy track that would make a fine accompaniment to the close of the night, when the music fades out against the clatter of empty bottles.