Hi Philipp, could you please introduce yourself to our listeners?

I’m Philipp and, yeah, I’m part of Uncanny Valley. I also run the radio show UV Funk on Dresden based community radio station coloRadio. When it comes to DJing I’m a multiple personality. I can’t really commit myself to a certain genre. From Soft Rock and Afro to House and UK Funky – there’s good music everywhere. When I’m playing with Conrad as The Moroders, we are playing a lot of Disco, Italo and stuff. But also House and Techno, if the audience is up for it.

How has the mix been recorded and what’s the idea behind it? 

When I’m recording a mix I tend to do it very painstakingly. Although I’ve wanted to make a straightforward club mix for a long time now, I ended up doing a pretty versatile mix again.

So, there’s a nice Soft Rock and Slow Funk vibe in the beginning. And at the second half things get a little darker but also more danceable. There’s a lot of rather old music in the mix. Hope you’ll find something to discover.

It’s mixed with vinyl and CDs at my home. Some records are just too expensive. Maybe anytime soon.

How long have you been deejaying/playing live and how has it evolved over the time?

I started up playing Indie Rock with Conrad at Madness, a cosy bar in Dresden. That was maybe ten years ago. As we got more and more into dance music, we promoted parties at good old Altes Wettbüro which was also a great place to practise. Today I still love to play diversified sets. But I’ve also learned that sometimes keeping to a certain flow can be a great thing too.

Is there a record that triggered your interest in electronic music and brought you to deejaying?

Besides the Norwegian posse around Lindstom, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje, which impressed me because of their organic approach to dance music, I always remember when I first listened to “The Absence Of Blight” by Lawrence at beloved Fat Fenders. It’s not my favourite music today but back then it completely blew my mind. I had this aha experience that electronic music can be pretty emotional too.


What do your parents think about what you do?

Playing Ostrock music in shady bars. My dad asks me regularly if I can play at his good middle-class restaurant for New Year’s Eve. I never did though 😉

What are your projects for the next time? 

Praying that spring will finally come and eating meat again after my annual fasting period. And I’m still trying to enhance my production skills.

Finally, what’s the last record before the lights are switched on?

Teddy was such a great entertainer.



01 Intro
02 Ish – Faster Than A Speeding Bullet – Disco Rotic
03 Queens of the Stone Age – I Was A Teenage Hand Model – Roadrunner
04 Glass Candy – Geto Boys – Italians Do It Better
05 Escape From New York – Fire In My Heart (Instrumental Dub Version) – Supreme
06 George Levin – Runaway – BBE
07 Ashford & Simpson – Babies (Dub Version) – Capitol
08 Sade – Paradise (Apiento Edit) – Unreleased
09 Caroline Loeb – C’est La Ouate (Version Longue) – Barclay
10 Frank Hebly – Dixie – Magnetron Music
11 Kinkina – Jungle Fever – Balearica
12 King Sporty & The Extras – Do You Wanna Dance – Claremont 56
13 Parkway Rhythm – Midnite Special (Mark’s Dynamite Dub) – Parkway
14 Bogdan Irkük a.k.a. Bulgari – I Was On – Rollerboys
15 Scattle – Knock Knock – Self Released
16 Jackpot – Move In The Light – Service
17 Mondeé Oliver – Make Me Want You (Club Mix) – Gherkin
18 Kevin Harrison – Ink Man – Cosmic Sound
19 Tropic Of Cancer – The One Left – Mannequin
20 I:Cube – Hnt – Les Edits Du Golem
21 Jacob Stoy – Hauswart – Uncanny Valley

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