‘Atlantic Ocean Road’, your third solo EP on  Uncanny Valley, is in stores. As a member of the Uncanny Valley family since the very beginning, do you still get inspired by the many artists from the imprint you’re surrounded by?

Definitely, i constantly receive inspiration. Jacob Korn, Sneaker & Steve Kasper have their studios in the same building as I have. So there is always a certain interaction. Recently I realized some projects with Credit 00 and last month Jacob Stoy came over for a session. But of course there are also friendships and relationships beyond the music, which can be very inspiring, positive and negative.

Some of your collaborators can refer to a hip hop background. What are your main influences?

As a child i was always fascinated by music without vocals. Meanwhile, this opinion changed a little bit, but i have to say that there is and was always a certain connection to electronic music. My mother gave me some of her mix tapes and samplers, where she recorded Techno and House Tracks. Coming from a small town I used all the media I could get my hands on, like “VIVA Zwei” (RIP) with their incredible versatile music selection, I also read magazines like “De:Bug” (RIP) or “Groove” because of the reviews about new records. From time to time I visited Berlin or Dresden (before settling over in 2004) to spend all my money into records and parties. Since that time my musical taste has been evolving in many directions. Nowadays, I´m completely open for any kind of music as long as I can feel something like heart in it. Okay, i don´t like to get shout at in music 😉


On your artist profile on the Uncanny Valley webpage your habit to always record tracks in one take gets mentioned. Do you seek for perfection when producing music or do you often take things as they come?

This is not completely correct. It is always my goal to get it in one take but it is a very difficult state, because my claim of getting tracks to a certain kind of perfection has grown in the last years. At the moment it´s more like capture the mistakes and bring it to perfection, which can be tough.
On the one hand I like to carve tracks to perfection, but on the other hand it can become to an obsession that leads you to shape on several elements for days… At the moment I try to find a good balance between those two worlds to not end up as a lunatic.

In 2010 you put out you first record as ‘C-Beams’ together with Sandrow M, followed by an EP with vocalist Tina Slotta in 2011. Lately things have been quite around the joint project. Are you going to carry one with C-Beams?

That´s true, actually it is a little bit quite, but that does not mean that C-Beams has come to an end. Sandrow and I wanted to focus on our solo projects, but we have tracks in the pipeline. And there will be a day when we will release new stuff. At least, we spoke about this topic last week. We´ll let you know!

What was the idea behind the mix?

As always, I tried to compile a mix of music that inspires me and hopefully the listeners, too. Some new and old tracks some timeless music like the tracks by Huerco S., which i had to play twice. Also the incredible, lovely and weird music by Hazylujah, as well as Harmonious Thelonious. Also you will hear a track of my new Uncanny Valley EP and a remix I did for the Greek hotshot Miltiades Merentitis, which is actually unreleased. I made three attempts but finally this was the mix which fitted best to my current mood best. So, enjoy listening!


  1. Huerco S. -Struck With Deer Lungs -Software
  2. Theo Parrish -Reaction To Plastic -Ubiquity
  3. O B Ignitt -Celestial Salacious -FXHE
  4. Jay Daniel -NO Love Lost -Sound Signature
  5. Break SL -FM 4 Life -Uncanny Valley
  6. Gemini Sounds -Elevate Your Fellow Man -Earth Recordings
  7. Specter -Body Blow -Sound Signature
  8. Miltiadis Merentitis -As.We (Break SL Remix) -Unreleased
  9. Lady Blacktronika -Deee With It -Skylax
  10. Mark Du Mosch -Living Up -Dekmantel
  11. Hazylujah -Get Mezcla -Meda Fury
  12. Magic Mountain High -Riptide -OFF Minor
  13. XDB -Ganvion -Dolly
  14. Harmonious Thelonious meets Ben Zabo -Danna (Harmonious Thelonious Remix) -Asafa
  15. Ajukaja & Andrevski -Rare Birds -Levels
  16. Huerco S. -Skug Kommune

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