Hey Mr. Box, thanks for your podcast. What’s the story behind it and where did you record it?

I ordered and bought myself some new records at Fat Fenders in Dresden. Then just mixed them with some old pieces I like 🙂

We received some hot new material here at the Uncanny Valley-HQ which you recorded with your mate Micha Freier. How does the music differ from the CVBox stuff? And where did you guys meet in the first place?

Maybe there are some differences… But the only thing I can say is that everonye involved can do whatever he wants. Rhythm and harmony should work out in the end.

I think I met Micha through a friend in 1997. He only wanted to store his synthesizer at my place and this was when I first had contact with these kind of machines.

I took the opportunity to play around with his gear and forgot my rather classic instruments. It didn’t took long and I had to buy myself analogue synths too.

You’ve been to one of the Balearic Isles to relax recently. This seems to be your annual ritual to relax. How does this trip affect your music?

In general I was there to refresh myself and to feel renewed. Then get back to work and finalise all the musical projects that had been on hold.

How important is your studio environment for your music? Any gear you use preferably lately?

My gear is the most important thing… I love’em. I love to do music with my old synthesizers. It’s a big challenge to generate sounds that you’ve never heard before.

Those old sounds won’t become stale as far as you know how to deal with them.

The mix is entirely made with records by those artists:

jam & spoon
herman van veen
cari lekebusch
voices from the lake
abdulla rashim
mike ink

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