Hey Vincent, thanks for your podcast. What’s the story behind it and where did you record it?

I recorded it at home actually, just last night. My studio is next to our upstairs bathroom, so while my wife was taking a bath I was entertaining her with some music. The pic attached is a family of people I drew on her toes when she was sleeping, so the long bath was to wash of the faces of her toes and I owed her one so played a quite mellow and easy going (for me..) set for her.

How long have you been deejaying and how has it evolved over the time?

I started playing records when I was 15, so thats about… uhh…. Well…. Uuhh… over 20 years.. I started in the age when New Beat was just coming up and acid house was beginning to boom, 1987. I played in a youth centre that had a discotheque that was fuly equiped with gear, but there was never anyone playing records. Me and my friends started playing punk and hard rock records there but when house began to develop it was interesting to play that as well and soon it was completely full every friday. I’m no longer lugging around any vinyl anymore, but I continue to listen to a LOT of music that comes out and picking out the gems. Over the years it has evolved from primitive house to fast techno to tekno back to completely ambient and I’ve almost come full circle with going back to that 115-120 bpm range again.

Is there a record that triggered your interest in electronic music and brought you to deejaying/producing?

The first record that got me into producing was Lil Louis’ French Kiss (1989) because it has a loop in the middle which was just the young lady moaning and my record skipped at that point so I had a loop of it. I then proceeded to add my boss drum machine to find the correct tempo, but it was rather primitive way to record. Straight to cassette tape and overdubbing from my walkman to my cassette deck. Those were the days!

In general, your music has a wide range. Is it important to channel as much influences as possible?

The range may seem wide but its not that big actually. House has always been about experimentation for me. Even when I started I just didn’t know the difference between house and techno so I just mashed everything up in a mix. Experimentation is the main thing for me, and I don’t want to be bound to any specific genre. Music is communication for me, so the message may vary but the carrier can be the same!

“See you again someday”, your contribution to Uncanny Vacation, is a relatively laid-back track compared to different Drvg Culture-tracks and the material you’ve produced under former monikers. Did you try out something new with it?

Yeah I was experimenting with vocals a lot when I recorded that track. Most sounds on this track are ‘organic’, stuff that I recorded manually (percussion, voice) and played and then added to the arrangement. I sampled a classic break to get the drums to ‘flow’ as well and wanted it to have a smooth, night on the town, back of the limo type feel. It feels closer to hiphop than to techno, but thats also great.

You’re releasing on a very large number of labels. Is this by purpose or is there a secret masterplan behind it?

The masterplan is of course a global take-over! Hahahahahahaha! No, but I try to produce new music every day or every couple of days so I make a LOT of new tracks. I generally throw everything in a dropbox folder, unless it’s something so urgent it cannot wait (like a remix or edit), and when a label or just somebody who is interested in my music asks me about new material I share that folder with them. It really ranges from slower deeper house to harder and noisier stuff, so a lot of different labels find something they like in that folder. Which is great and it keeps it diverse and I get to meet and work with new people constantly.

You’re sometimes offering new tracks for downloads before they are signed. Furthermore you’re relasing a lot of material by yourself. This surely has something to do with your DIY-background. What’s the idea behind it? Do you find DIY asethtics in dance music like they are established in a Punk Rock environment. What’s the differences?

Like I said before, I just make a lot of music and want to share it with as many people as possible, without catering to the ‘wishes’ of those people. Sometimes I make tracks that just ‘can’t wait’ for the proper way of record labels and pressing plants and I just throw them online. There’s also a lot of stuff on youtube, most of it unreleased as well. I’ve been involved in punk and hardcore since about the same time as I started working on electronic music so the DIY is a given. I can’t work any other way and I feel good having control about my own artistic decisions. For me, its still as interesting in doing a digital only release or a small run cassette or lathe cut or something weird. I love having the possibility of releasing material in such varied ways. The underground in electronic music is close to that punk attitude sometimes. Just stay true to what you believe in and in doesn’t matter if you make obscure, dark distorted techno, punk rock or easy going smooth deep house.

You’re living in Tilburg. What is a necessary place to visit and is there a proper club scene?

Hahahahaha, In Tilburg the tourists are the main attraction! We don’t have a lot of ‘must see’ places. Tilburg used to be an old industrial town with lots of fabric factories, now its mainly a student town and we have two large insurance companies in the city that employ a large amount of people. There is more happening now than in the past though. The cultural entrepreneurs have claimed a larger part in the city centre and there are some old factory buildings that slowly are becoming places for techno and house parties. So its in development, but we also have two festivals that draw a lot of international visitors, Roadburn, which is like the stoner heaven on earth and Incubate which is the festival I founded and work for.

How are you involved in the Incubate Festival in Tilburg?

I’m the artistic director/head of program and founder of the festival and thats one of the best day jobs anyone can ever have! Its art, film, theatre and music, all crammed into one week in September. Just to give you an idea of the scale, it has over 300 bands playing in about 20 venues. All indoor, so no muddy shoes 🙂 I get to invite and connect with some of my favourite artists which is awesome as well. Be sure to visit it when you get a chance!

01. Kluentah – Its War (New York Haunted)
02. Sonofdistantearth – GAZA2 (Lobster Theremin)
03. Kluentah – New Born (New York Haunted)
04. Kowton – Doing Nothing (Whities)
05. Drvg Cvltvre – Tyranny Of The Gods (Pinkman)
06. Kluentah – Hula Girl (New York Haunted)
07. P.E.A.R.L. – Ordeal III (Planet Rhythm Records)
08. Graze – Uprizen (New Kanada)
09. Fragmento & Tracy – AC 001 (Asymmetrical Code)
10. Joey Anderson – Head Down Arms Buddha Position (TansTaafl)
11. Credit 00 – 909ish (Rat Life)
12. Terrence Dixon – Out of Control (Rush Hour)
13. Drvg Cvltvre – I Am The Sea Swell (Cottam Remix) (Flight Recorder)
14. Snuffo – It’s Killing Me (Polybius Trax)
15. Drvg Cvltvre – Prep #1 (Pinkman)

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