Hey Dennis, thanks for your mix. What’s the story behind it?

After the Konkretbass Mix three years ago it was about time for another one. I wanted to create a mix that just gives a warm feeling to the listeners no matter where they are or what they are doing at this moment.

You’ve been around for ages not only as one of the shop owners of Fat Fenders but also as unstoppable DJ. But when did it all start with the love for digging and playing records? And how did it develop until today?

In my childhood and for my parents music was a always present. Records have always been around. My father played in a band and my sister became a dancer. My sister bought me my first record called “Vangelis“. She bought it actually for herself but liked Madonna and Kool & The Gang more. So she gave it to me. That was pretty much my first influence in electronic music. Then I started to buy my own records from the pocket money my parents gave me in 1990. At the same time I started to play at one of those school discos and my DJ career was born. ☺ What really influenced me and made me buy more and more records have been the radio shows on those stations called RIAS and DT64 back in the days. Since then my interest in music became bigger and bigger and made my dream finally come true – to be a real DJ. I have been able to listen to a lot of music and a lot of things have changed but the awesome feeling of digging records is still the same!“

You’ve always been a very open minded and eclectic DJ. Does this comes naturally when surrounded by records most of the day or is an eclectic music selection something that is crucial to your deejaying?

For me, there have never been borders in music. I’ve always been been interested in many different genres depending on my mood and my interest at a certain time. Music is universal, it’s a very own language. To me it’s fascinating to combine many different styles and create your own story through music with soul and feeling!“

I suppose you are tired of listening to this but how’s life if you make a living out of selling records today?

… busy, everytime

Fat Fenders was, still is and will ever be a key spot for Dresden’s electronic music scene. How do you ensure that your buyers are feeling good while being there? I mean the days of the moody record dealers are long gone, right?

Of course, for us at Fat Fenders it’s important to deliver the hottest records but at the same time also to share our knowledge and know how. It’s import to also support and pave the way for the young upcoming DJs or/and those who want to become one! Fat Fenders is not only a record store. It became an institution and plattform for sub culture that we constantly have to work on and build. We are happy if that works out for us and for others too!“

Is there a record that triggered your interest in electronic music and brought you to deejaying?

There are many but I remember a particular release in ’91 that I’ve heard at the radio. This song really got me and made me dream of becoming a DJ back then and to share that feeling with everything. I’m talking about “Manix – Feel real good“.

What do your parents think about what you do?

First, everybody was extremely worried and sceptical. They saw me very passionate about it but couldn’t really think it could also pay my bills. We ended up in endless discussions. But once it started to become serious with Fat Fenders they liked it.

Finally, what’s the last record before the lights are switched on?

Marvin Gaye `Inner City Blues‘


01 Gary Wilson – Dreams
02 Madlib – Deep Instrumental
03 Madvillain – Rhinestone Cowboy
04 The Charmels – Long As I`ve Got You
05 Suff Daddy & Ta-Ku – Smile
06 Jtothec & The Bad Mothas – Sweet Rendez-vous
07 Falcons – Falcon Eye (Reprise)
08 Marc Rapson –  From Shadows
09 Louis Bordeaux – 777
10 Kutmah – Detroit
11 Shigeto –  Detroit part 1
12 Deft – Let’s Hook Up
13 I.N.T. – Earthquake
14 Cuthead – No Logic
15 Himuki – Turn It Up
16 Paul White – Fighting To Dance
17 The Trash Company – Don’t Mind
18 Clone – Hellowe’en 1976 (Edit)
19 Andrew Ashong – Flowers
20 Yamasuki – Yama Yama
21 Moodymann – sloppy Cosmic
22 Chocolate Snow – Inflation
23 I.N.T. –  Working On It
24 BMB Spacekid – Lady Cadillac
25 Ta-ku 50 Days for Dilla – Day 1
26 Volta Cab – Play On!
27 Onra – Moving
28 Dam- Funk & Snoopzilla – Faden Away
29 Richard Colvaen – Patience

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