Hey Joel, thanks for your mix. What’s the story behind it?

Last autumn I finally shipped my whole vinyl collection to Berlin. Perfectly on time
after finishing all the work with my album I found time to dig deep in the crates.
I found some old and new favourites that went straight to my dj-bag and I was also
happy to find new inspiration in dj-ing after a couple of years mostly exploring sounds in the studio.

Is there a record that triggered your interest in electronic music and brought you to deejaying?

Yes, there is one record which instantly started it all. Roni Size – Exer-Size E.P. I heard it on the radio first,
bought it the next day and decided to start dj-ing. mainly because there was no one playing drum n bass in Gothenburg at that time.

Finally you are releasing your debut album. How did it come into being and what are you associating it with?

The thought of an album has been in my mind for several years. I wanted to find a space and a way to go deeper
and closer to myself as an artist rather than beeing a producer. I finally found the time and peace to go the distance.

“Heart” is musically very versatile and feels deeply personal. It’s definitely not a pure club album. What do you want listeners to interpret it?

This is my honest attempt of making music that counts. Every song has a story and I hope there are many more stories
from people all over the world to be interpreted in my music. Great music is like a good book, you´re invited to play along. I hope I´m getting there. It also reflects my musical background in a wider range than I did before.

You’re living in Berlin now for quite a time. How did your music develop since you moved there? And is there still a bit Sweden in your music?

You can take the swede out of Sweden, but can you erase the impressions of the wide open landscape, the deep forests, the never ending light in summer or the dark cold winters? I don´t know. I was confused in the beginning, but in the end I believe Berlin helped me to find a way back. Contradictionary.

What do your parents think about what you do?

They have always supported me and they were really proud when I was on the cover of the local newspaper.
They are big fans of Jonsson & Alter. and I think they will like the album too. Techno not so much.
I know they also worry sometimes, like parrents always will do.

Finally, what’s the last record before the lights are switched on?

The Housemartins – Caravan Of Love or John Tejada Sweat (On The Walls) (Xox 2004 Mix)

1. Casey Hogan – Inside
2. Dario Zenker – Cafu
3. Lou2 – Freaky
4. Myles Serge – Breakfast With Audy
5. Photek – Solaris
6. The Persuader – E.P. 3 B2
7. Dimitrios K – Rough
8. Mike Dunn – Basket Case
9. Joel Alter & Savas Pascalidis – Bamboo Forest
10. Joel Alter – Sweatbox
11. Aaron Carl – Down
12. Dj Assassin -A Face Amongst A Crowd (Intellidread Mix)
13. The Persuader – E.P. 1 A 1
14. Joel Alter – Unsung Heroes

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