Hey Mr. Moony Me. Thanks for doing this mix. What’s the idea behind it?

Thanks for having me. The idea behind it was to showcase some tracks that I think give a good impression of what I’m doing, both in the studio and behind the decks. I feel like all these tracks have similar colourations within them. I don’t know if other people perceive it like that, but it makes sense to me.

You got into music via Hip-Hop. Am I right when I presume that Soul and Funk still play an important part in your House music?

You can always hear the influence of 70’s Soul and Funk, Fusion Jazz and Disco in my tracks and in my sets, whether it’s a sample or it’s the harmonies and aesthetics, and I realized afterwards that this was also the reason I was and still am into sample-based HipHop. One day I started to look for the samples used in some of my favourite HipHop tracks and that’s where I fell in love with those sweet Soul songs by The Isley Brothers, Isaac Hayes, The O’Jays, etc.
Since then I’ve been digging deeper and deeper into these styles of music and I’m still mindblown when I stumble across samples I already know from other music. Also, it occupies the biggest amount in my record collection.
While making beats, it’s kinda natural to me that I try to bring this lovely music into a new context.

So far you’ve been produced one physical EP for Argys These Days-label? How did that come about and what are the next steps release-wise?

It came about at a time when I was starting to get into House Music and changed my artist name to Moony Me, as I felt that the music I was making then wasn’t fitting to my previous releases anymore. Back then I sent Argy a demo, he liked it, wrote back and he happened to have a gig a week later in Graz, where I was living at the time (I didn’t even know that he was booked until then). We met and spoke about the possibilities to release it and after some months I was joyfully holding my first own vinyl release! We’ve been meeting in other cities like Munich or Berlin when we happened to be in the same city since then.

At the moment I have a remix and one track cued up for Apparel Music and I’m thinking about releasing another Beats mini album, maybe again through Bandcamp. On the House front, I have accumulated a lot of tracks lately and am looking for the right labels to release it, but they are sure to come.

You’ve released your album “Journey Of A Sleepwalker” by yourself via Bandcamp. What was your experience of this?

The feedback was great and I’m considering releasing another one like this. It was nice being able to just release some different stuff and to make a album with a concept and artistic freedom in terms of track selection and track order.

There’s a certain positivity in your tracks. Is that something you’re longing for?

Now that you mention it… I think it’s more of an subconscious thing. I guess this could be a consequence of the Soul and Jazz influence and this “The world is a hard place but let’s make the best of it and share love” attitude.
Of course I’m always longing for positivity and delight. And music in general has always been a medium of emotional projection for me.

You’re living in Vienna. What’s the situation for the club scene right now in Vienna?

It’s quite lively and there’s a lot of devoted and nice crews and artists around here. The quality of most clubs, bookings and record stores is very good. Something that bugs me sometimes is the fact that there is almost no residency culture here. It’s mostly locations, where crews can lodge in and invite DJs from other crews or international acts. So the music style is very depending on the crew and the party and you can have a HipHop party on thursday, a Drum & Bass party on friday and a House/Techno party on saturday at the same club. As for the DJs, they don’t have residencies in a club, knowing that they’ll play there once or twice a month and get paid their fee no matter what.

There’s a record with tracks by Max Graef, Cuthead, S3A and yourself which was coming out in July on Uncanny Valley? How did that come about and what’s the story behind it?

That is quite an interesting story. I play bimonthly in a club called Project in Innsbruck and at one time, when I got Cuthead’s “Everlasting Sunday EP” and played it out there, a guy came to me and told me that he was a good friend of Cuthead and the UV crew and that he was responsible for the EP being called “Everlasting Sunday” (Hello Max!). We talked a bit and I told him how much I like Cutheads releases and other UV releases as well and that I was doing a party with friends in Graz called Maesonic. He connected us and we (Maesonic) booked Cuthead for our 1 year anniversary party some months later. We had a great time and I asked him if I could send him some of my music as I’d love to hear some feedback from him and he took his time to listen to it and gave me some advice. Anyway, one of those tracks I sent him was “Magergarten”, which is being released now on the record, and he apparently really liked it and also played it out on his gigs and sent it on to you guys. And now it’s being released and I’m very happy about it!

Alright. So let’s go straight to our standards: Is there a record that triggered your interest in electronic music and brought you to deejaying/producing?

I have to deceive you on this one, there was no particular record. I started out producing when I was still listening to HipHop only and started to make some really cheap beats on a really basic DAW (basic is exagerated..). After a year I made an internship at a recording studio and got then introduced to Ableton Live by one of the employees and I’d say that’s where I really started to make music.

But there was one particular event that triggered my interest in Techno/House and deejaying: Around that time, when I was 16 or 17, I went to my first real House and Techno event at Munich’s Registratur club, where DJ Hell was playing. I was completely mindblown by the energy, the sound, the people and the visuals and after that I bought my first turntable and brought it to a friend who had another turntable and a mixer and we started to work on our skills. Then I started doing school parties and after a year I teamed up with some friends (my buddies Rhode & Brown among others) and we started making open air parties and club events in Munich. That roughly is the story as I remember it.

What do your parents think about what you do?

They really support me in every way and I’m very grateful to them. Although I think they don’t have an exact picture of this club culture, they are proud of me for sticking to my principles and respect my decision to live my life as I want and not as society expects me to.

What are your projects for the next time?

Get my unsigned tracks signed, make even more tracks and I have plans for starting a label next year. But I can’t say too much about it at the moment.

Finally, what’s the last record before the lights are switched on?

Though it’s a contradiction in short terms, it is not in a long term:
The Whispers – And The Beat Goes On


Lonnie Liston Smith – Love Beams
Terrence Parker – Your Love
Harry Wolfman & Skinny Love – Celebre (Kickflip Mike Remix)
Rondenion – Like A Child
Mr. G – Newmerique (Mango Boys Sunday Dub)
Moony Me – Lulla Byebye (Unreleased)
Moomin – A Day And A Night
Patricia – Josephine
Lucretio – Natural Selection
Moodymann – The Day We Lost The Soul
Moony Me – Magergarten
Aardvarck – (Just Washed) That Pig
Stetsasonic – Talkin’ All That Jazz

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