Hey Paul, thanks for your podcast. What’s the story behind it and where did you record it?

It was recorded live in Amsterdam a couple of months ago at the Sugar Factory, on this club night called 4 Spirits. These guys are into straight up no-nonsense house music so I brought some jacking stuff… It was a great party

Is there a record that triggered your interest in electronic music and brought you to deejaying/producing?

How did your connection to Clone come about in the first place?

I was a regular customer since day one

You are working in the Clone Distribution departement. How has the situation for selling records evolved and how do labels react to the changing enviroment from your point of view? 

I guess you can write a book about that… So many things have changed the last 10 years, and are still changing. Due to internet, globalisation and easy software the numbers of producers, labels & dj’s worldwide are still growing rapidly, so competition is getting harder and harder, even though the audience is growing as well. This means labels have to be creative and make some extra efforts in order to be picked up. There’s no formula for this so a lot of folks are experimenting in ways to gain attention, which is interesting to watch

Would you still recommend anybody to start a record label?

Not if you want to make money and get famous 🙂

You are also running your own label: Bio Rhythm. Almost every release is from a different artist. On what criteria do you choose the Bio Rhythm-releases?

I don’t have clear criteria. But when analyzing the Bio Rhythm catalogue I guess you can say things have to be deep and genuine… by preference with a funky, twisted and slightly raw edge. That said it could be anything from dreamy deep house to dark industrial flavoured techno/electro or whatever. In a way the label is a reflection of some of the dj’s sets I play as well

Correct me if I’m wrong but next to working at Clone, running a label, deejaying, producing and working as a writer you are also father to two kids. How do you handle all this with still being able to enjoy what you do?

And an intense and time-consuming sex life too! I guess the constant lack of time is what keeps me hungry. The secret is to keep breathing and work effectively, but it’s hard sometimes, especially finding the balance between keeping artistic integrity and paying the bills

What are your projects for the next time?

Besides deejaying I’m working on a new Paul du Lac ep (either on Clone or Bio Rhythm) and some other projects which I cannot reveal yet. In two weeks Bio Rhythm will see a new ep by Roger 23 released, followed by a 2nd part early this fall. Several other heavy Bio Rhythm ep’s are currently in the making as well and will be announced soon. So quite a lot is going to happen actually

Finally, what’s the last record before the lights are switched on?

Last record of this mix you mean? Don’t know it’s a white label I bought about 15 years ago 🙂

Lil’ Louis – How I Feel
Michael Ferragosto – Ra-sciiid
Marcus Mixx – Untitled
Submersible Machines – Cold Seep
Faces Drums – Faces Drums 1
The Jak – Kontrol
Traxx – Juz Jak
JTC – Recall
Photek – Glamourama
Big Strick – Old E 800 (Omar-S remix)
? – ?
Da Rebels – House Nation Under A Groove
Forgemasters – Pump Me
Skatebard – Palais d’Amour
JTC – Press Your Body
Quid Pro Quo – Dance Planet
Liaisons Dangereuses – Peut Etre… Pas (edit)
Brassfoot – Foxhole
? – ?

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