Hey Aki, you are living in Sofia, Bulgaria right? Can you tell us a little bit about you and how you came to Djing?

I started dj-ing around 2007, I guess… some time before that a friend of mine told me he was selling his turntables cheap, so I bought them spontaneously. During that time I was already sick of the whole house and techno scene in Germany and was looking for some warmer sound that is still electronic and danceable. So I came by a pretty nice compilation of underground italo disco, I- Robots was the name, if I am not mistaken. Naturally the first record I bought on the fleamarket was the Alan Parson’s I-robot . At first I was really fascinated by this naive and cheesy feeling, so I collected mostly euro pop and italo, but pretty soon after my tastes evolved in a more underground direction… so today I am into psychedelic, afro, progressive, jazz-rock, fusion, experimental electronics, wave, space-age pop and many more.

From your perspective, how would you describe Sofia’s dance music scene to a our readers?

Sofia has no dance music scene, because it had not experienced the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s the way young people in the western world have. But still there are a few underground places where people can experience some quite interesting and unknown music. Of course we are overwhelmed by some crappy house and techno mainstream shit, massive parties where everything is possible, but generally for me this is quite boring. And then again there are a couple of cool places also for good electronic music!

What’s the current state of Bulgaria’s sub- and dance culture in general?

A little baby trying to walk … but that has its charms of course and vast possibilities. It seems that there are more and more festivals on the rise in Bulgaria and it’s surrounding countries. I am not really aware of that fact, mostly people come to enjoy our beautiful nature. Is this a result of a strong music community from Bulgaria or from abroad?
Mainly influences from abroad and some opportunistic foreigners who find it cheap and enjoyable to show off in front of the girls in Bulgaria a strong music community exists in the sense that there are splendid musicians and this is not surprising when you think that the legendary Orpheus lived in the Rhodope mountains and our culture is over 8000 years old.

Are there more foreign promoters doing festivals and does this have a effect on the bulgarian scene?

If there would be more foreign promoters interested in investing and supporting our local dj’s and not just exploiting and making their own profit, but that is hardly the case… usually local dj’s even don’t get paid. So I don’t give a fukk about foreign promoters, not even the local ones… I personally prefer more private and intimate events with quality music and a smaller target group of people, unfortunately the so called short lived underground is dead, not only in Sofia that is.

Where do you dig your records and are there any special places in Sofia you can recommend?

Internet, shops, cellars, flea-markets… every possible way! Just ask everyone and everywhere for records, sometimes you will be surprised.

What are your current favourite producers or records?

Currently I am into jazz-rock and progressive rock… I like strange music like Holger Czukay’s Movies for instance or Annette Peacock’s Pony…

What is your favourite classic?

Any special Bulgarian music?
Yes, the folklore music

1. Sigurd Cochius – Indianenmars
2. Korni Grupa – Jedan Gros
3. Touré Kunda – Em’ma
4. Violeta Parra – Tocata y Fuga
5. No More – Suicide Commando
6. Angelo Malikov – Folklore Mosaic (Zymbal)
7. Samuel Belay – Aynotchesh Yerefu
8. Nostradamus – Greek folk rock
9. Chuck Davis Orchestra – Spirit of Sunshine
10. Sivy Foster – If Are You Master
11. Tony Orlando – Don’t Let Go
12. Man Friday – Love Honey, Love Heartache
13. John Lennon – Every man has a woman who loves him
14. Booker T & The M.G.’s – Melting Pot
15. Celestial Choir – Stand on the Word
16. Studio W – Come to me, give me your heart
17. Margret Nikolova – Craving love!
18. Percewood’s Onagram – I’ve got my woman
19. Ahmed Taib – Mchezo Mpiya
20. Phantom Band – No more fooling

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