Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners?

Hi, my name is Elisabeth and I’m a DJ from Berlin.

What’s the idea behind your mix?

I wanted to make this mix for a while, I had some records that had kind of a special atmosphere and merged different styles in a unique way so I wanted to put them together.

How did you approached that concept?

I spent quite some time thinking about the selection and recorded different versions, in the end I chose this one.

When and where did you started djing how has it evolved over the time?

That’s a long time ago. I knew I wanted to be a DJ since I was a teenager. I enjoyed compiling mix tapes yet I just had a cassette recorder so I wanted to improve that. In the end it took me years until I tried to play vinyls for the first time. It was at an after hour party, a friend of mine was djing there and I think I asked him if I could try it. It somehow worked out and while we were playing together a friend of ours came and booked us for his party. He had just started a weekly party series in a club in Berlin and in the beginning there were almost no people so I used these events to practice.

Since then, I had different projects, tried to figure out what I wanted to do and changed styles a lot. At the moment I’m starting to feel more and more comfortable with what I’m doing, it makes sense to me.

Is there a record that triggered your interest in collecting music or even start to perform in front of an audience?

I don’t remember when I started collecting music, but my first contact with the electronic music scene and electronic music in general happened when I started going on DnB and Jungle parties as a teen. It was an intense time and I developed the wish to perform in front of a crowd immediately. Oh and this was my favourite record at that time:

What do your parents think about what you do?

Good question! I have no idea.

What are your projects for the next time?

Dig, practice and work on my own music.

Finally, what’s the last record before the lights are switched on?

01 gaslamp killer – breakthrough intro
02 smackos – a new romance
03 dj sotofett – spaced outtro
04 adrian younge – sirens
05 lee moses – what you don’t want me to be
06 francois de roubaix – les dunes d’ostende
07 the undisputed truth – life ain’t so easy
08 piero piccioni – psychedelic mood
09 pepe bradock – ma souris est folle
10 sputnik – earth
11 frank van der kloot – heaven is across the street II
12 heliocentrics vs. melvin van peebles – telepathic routine
13 upperground orchestra – into the dust
14 afx – reunion 2
15 roger roger – industrial sound 15
16 omar khorshid – raqset el fadaa
17 eugene ward – place (large group)
18 asusu – dualism

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