Could you guys please introduce yourself to our listeners?
Hey, this is Arno Schäfer and Edward. We are father and son. No, this is not a band name. We actually are … both DJs and music lovers.

What’s the idea behind your mix?
We where asked to do a mix beyond the usual Club context with more of an mixtape kind of approach. As we did that a lot in the past we didn’t need a great concept. We just picked some records from back in the days that we still think are worth to listen to and had some fun.

When and where did you started DJing and producing (what came first?) and how has it evolved over the time?
My father started in the early 90’s organising parties in Frankfurt and playing as a DJ. Soon he took me with him to some of his gigs which was actually a little bit more adventures back than. At least for me as a kid. I observed a lot and at one point I decided to start DJing my self. From that moment we played together but also solo. The mix reflects our musical approach of that time. Mixing different kinds of music in a meaningful way.
And then came producing.

What role does your father play in your music career?
In the present he’s that Person who knows everything about my present and my past. Obviously he follows every step. So I can always ask for opinions. Also my music is very much based on samples which are all leading back somehow to this very great and versatile musical horizon he taught me in my early years..

What are your projects for the next time?
There are a lot of remixes coming out at the moment. Release wise I’m focussing on only two or three labels..

Can you tell us how you came up with the Conny Plank and Harmonia projects?
For the Conny Plank remix I was picked kinda like out of the blue. So I was very lucky. The offer came in a period when I started digging deeper into the krautrock era. So everything made sense at that moment.
I just did the Harmonia Eno remixes for myself. But I had so much good feedback that I decided to try to release them. So I asked the Groenland label who has the rights and they supported the idea. So all the involved artist were asked for approval. Meanwhile I asked Oliver Hafenbauer who is the founder of Die Orakel. He was on board too. And then it got released. It was all much simpler and faster than expected. And yes, I hope I’ll continue on this path. There are some plans but nothing confirmed now.

Are you a person that is very connected to its homeland and family. One can get the impression by looking at your album covers and then, you did this podcast with your Dad. How important is that to your music?
My whole family is very connected to what I’m doing. For example my grandmother could ask me for my last set at Panoramabar. She also knows the difference between live sets and DJ Sets and so on. So I guess it comes very naturaly that they are all conected to my work.

Can you tell us something about that mysterious sound box you’re using at your live sets? What does it do? And did you built it buy yourself?
Thats a springboard. It works with a spring, a piece of wood and pick-up microphones at different places. I build these boards with different resonance objects. But it took me some time to build one for a big stage. I sometimes use gadgets like that for my live acts. In combination with different effects it can be very a versatile sound.

Am I right assuming that the layers of sound are much more important to your music than the actual rhythm foundation of Techno and House music? Hoy much time do you spend for beat making in comparison to creating sounds.
I can’t seperate layering sound from layering rhythm elements. It comes all together.


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