Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners?

Hello my name is Lennard, I live in Frankfurt am Main and I like music.

What’s the idea behind your mix and how did you approach that concept?

I had the idea to record a mix I would be listening to while riding a car through the night to an imaginary rave in the 90s. All records, recorded straight to tape.

When and where did you started djing and producing and how has it evolved over the time?

I started buying records and producing pretty much at the same time. Still searching for new sounds in tracks and synthesizers.

What role does the local Tactile Record Store play for you in general and for your music career?

It’s my favorite record store. Here I got introduced to music I probably never would have found on my own. Klaus the owner is a friend who I respect very much. That’s one of the reasons I started a label together with him.

How and when did the music scene of Frankfurt started influencing you?

I don’t know. I get most influences by hanging out with my friends.


Would you say there is a new wave of young kids with a different approach to music in Frankfurt and if so how is it maybe different to the older generation?

No clue if it’s any different to the older generation I’m pretty new to this whole thing myself but there are a lot of very talented people in this area and a lot of them who are just starting out.

From your perspective who is keeping the scene alive right now in Frankfurt?

I don’t really go to clubs anymore but if I had to drop some names (will probably forget a few, sorry): Tactile Record Store, MMODEMM, Smashing Tape Crew, L’Oreille Offenbach, Void, Phillip Berg, Stay, Yappin, Ulysses, unbreakmyheart, Thunder In Paradise.

L’oreille Offenbach aka is a Live Stream Show broadcasting from their cosy OF studio. They have a big archive of local talents:

Besides your home town which other cities or scenes had an influence on you and why?

Chicago and Detroit for obvious reasons. Berlin because everybody lives there now and Leipzig because of the lovely freaks I got to meet there.

Am I right in assuming that your recent releases are rather influenced by rougher basement bass and House music? Are you into, let’s say, Footwork, Trap and stuff?

Yes I dig Footwork and Trap. I grew up on Hip Hop but stopped listening to it a while ago. When I discovered old Memphis rap tapes my passion came back.


You also released under the Mystic Mirror moniker, was that just temporary or are there any future plans?

No future plans.

How did you acquire your first release?

Klaus from Tactile Record Store introduced my music to Oliver Hafenbauer (UV Podcast 039). He then asked me if I wanted to release on Live At Robert Johnson.

What can we expect of Sound Mirror, the label you are co-running?

Fresh new cuts from my friends.

You released on labels like „Live at Robert Johnson“, „777“, „Die Orakel“ and now Sound Mirror, do you follow different musical paths on each label and why?

Each label has it’s own sound. I don’t plan on producing a track for a certain label when I start a session but when I finish something I can tell if it fits to that certain sound the label represents.

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