Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners?

Hey There, I´m Benedikt and I love italian food.

What’s the idea behind your mix?

The idea was not to start with slo-mo records this time…

How did you approached that concept?

By starting with faster ones 😉

When and where did you started djing and producing and how has it evolved over the time?

I flirted with djing around the age of 16, starting with drum and bass music. serious interest in producing came up with the same age but Logic and Cubase weren’t my cup of tea back then. so i started to focus on buying records at our local record store deck 20.


Is there a record that triggered your interest in collecting music or even start to perform in front of an audience?

sure- it was a jungle cd with tunes from photek, ltj and goldie
i think it´s still flying around somehwere…

Some tracks on there were:
LTJ – Horizons

Photek – Rain

Goldie – Timeless

You recently moved from Darmstadt to Berlin. How did Darmstadt and its surrounding scenes influenced you?

I went to Darmstadt for my studies. For this period of time it was ok for me to be there. I met some lovely people in and around darmstadt and of course the whole robert johnson crew who gave me a warm welcome at the club & the label.

Where there certain spots / spaces / places / clubs that had an early impact on you?

Sure, one with the most biggest impact was the „Kairo“ in Pforzheim. I had an older friend who took me to a local drum and bass party called mescolanza. That night flipped the coin.

What creative path do you follow for each label you release on?
There´s not a real conecept.

What is the story behind your INIT formation? What are your projects for the next time?

We met at our studies, and kept doing the work on music.
We´re currently working on two EP`s. One will come out on Les Disques De La Mort around November. And another EP for Hivern Discs.

Finally, what’s the last record before the lights are switched on?

That really differs. I had a few good ones with „Mother Sky“ from Can. 😉


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