Could you please introduce yourself to our listeners?
Hi, my name is Markus Krasselt aka Peter Invasion. I’m the owner of the Leipzig-based record label Riotvan.

What is the Riotvan-identity about?
The identity is our love to music (of course) and the passion to make life a little better. Everything is going to be fine. 4 sure! And if not, we’ve made the world a better place for a few moments at least. That’s it!

What is your vision with the label?
See above! Haha. The vision is to bring people together. The story isn’t new, but that’s why I’m doing this every day. It’s fun to push things forward, meet new friends and to do what I like. It’s a big honor to see if people like it too. At the end of the day we are working with a small number of friends. This idea of a tight-knit community at the heart of the label is very important for me.

Who else is supporting you in your Riotvan service station?
Well, there are so many hands helping to give this baby a face and to keep it alive. Without a single one of these hands, it would not work. At the end it’s me and Robert Panthera Krause. He’s the co-owner of Riotvan since a few years and he helps me a lot these days. Good man for sure!

PeterInvasion_PantheraKrause_Photo by Yacoub Chakarji

But don’t forget: There are so many friends who have been helping out over the past years and will also in the future, I hope. My mother was one of the biggest supporters since day one (literally!). Also my girlfriend gives me support and hope, also in the darker days. There are different graphic dudes, our distributor (S/o to Muting The Noise), Martin Enke aka Lake People/Llewellyn behind the mastering and all these great artists. Big thanks to all of these guys, really appreciate it!

What should one strive for with a music-label today?
These days it’s a filter I guess. A filter to release (in my opinion) good music. To bring people together, to do things right like I already said. I mean, there is a lot of good music out there, clearly, but there are also tons of bullshit.

You have a long history in Leipzig’s sub and high culture. How many office chairs are spread all over the city?
Oh lord! There are a lot of projects where I was involved or still am. Back in the day my doctor said I have ADHS, and yeah… I think, it’s true. There is Riotvan on this side (and it means a lot to me) and a few projects on the other side. Atm I work together with Neele and Alex as booking agent for the Leipzig-based Club Institut für Zukunft, already since two years now. This year also started a record label for the Leipzig-based Club Distillery together with Gamal Adouane aka Mauro Caracho and Steffen Kache. So, I’m curator and manager of the label. Gamal, Panthera and I also started a new radio show, where we organize a monthly pop-up radio in different locations, called Nº9. That’s the continuation of my temporary record store. I had this pop-up shop for one year and it was a concept store I was having together with the fashion designer Franziska Eichhorn. It was like a record-store, with the attitude of a showroom for fashion and music.

Till last year I worked as a booking agent for the Audio Invasion at Gewandhaus zu Leipzig (R.I.P.). I‘ve aIso worked as radio promoter, as booking Agent for different clubs and promoter, I had a booking agency and I was doing bookings worldwide for Lake People, Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt and a few more… I was playing in different bands, I’m DJing, and and and… Jesus! Recently I had to write my CV and it was really crazy to see what I have done and achieved over the past twelve years. But that’s just the past, now it’s time for the future!

How do you feel is Leipig’s club and music scene developing?
There are a lot more clubs in Leipzig now than when I started. Thanks to the continuous influx of people moving to Leipzig it’s now possible that there are four or five clubs filled to capacity on any given night over the weekend. That was not the case ten or twelve years ago. Then, you had one big party and the rest would be struggling. I have the general feeling that all the clubs and artists are helping each other out more than back in the day. It feels more communal and synergies are created and utilized more often. That might have to do with the fact that I was very young when I started and all the other club owners and promoters were at least 10 years older than me, but I am pretty happy about it nonetheless.

We don’t have party tourism like Berlin, but I guess there are more people who, for instance, now consciously decide to move to Leipzig to go to the university, because of the rich cultural landscape the city has to offer. So generally, I would say things have developed nicely since we started Riotvan.


What about your Indie past?
Tight jeans, Stratocaster, British accent and a lot of weed! Haha! That was a really important time for me. I’ve played in a few bands, I was dancing in Indie-Discos and Liam Gallagher was one of my heroes. Seriously! There was my Indie-Band called The Plectrons where we’ve played a lot of shows and this period of my life was super wild. I loved it! I was a singer and played the rhythm guitar. Sometimes I miss these days, but maybe only ’cause I’m getting older, but anyway…

In my mid 20’s I’ve met Good Guy Mikesh and we started the Band Here Is Why together with Florian and Linda. The ladder two were also in the Indie-Band before, so it all felt really familiar. But the sound was totally different. More electronic, more 80 vibes and more Mikesh.

But Indie is not only the past, It’s still a big part of me. I’m not a techno-head or so, I’m more an Indie-Kid who discovered XTC and the spirit of electronic music!

What are your projects for the future?
Dunno. We’ll see! I’m planning my first own EP. Over the years I’ve forgot to make my own music, but now it’s time to change that. Panthera and me are creating a new studio space as Riotvan headquarter in a new building in Leipzig west. And we have our compilation »Familiar Faces Nº2« on Riotvan, that has just been released with artists like Perel, Chinaski, Black Spuma (Fabrizio Mammarella & Lauer), New Hook, Panthera Krause and Jennifer Touch. Jennifer will also release her 2nd EP on Riotvan next year and we’re working on Panthera Krause’s first LP, which we will published next summer.

Finally, what’s your last record before the lights are switched on?
Surprise, Surprise! 🙂

01. Bell Towers – Sexy Sexy Sexy
02. Yula Kasa & Mi.Ro – Hope is the Thing with Feathers
03. Perel feat. Frangie – Das Auge
04. Francisco – Disco Wizard
05. Àme feat. Gudrun Gut – Gerne
06. Bostro Pesopeo – Falls (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)
07. Underground Resistance – Transition (Acapella)
08. Boys Noize – Killer (Instrumental)
09. Jennifer Touch – Chemistry
10. Depeche Mode – Strangelove (Blind Mix)
11. Chinaski – Die Erscheinung
12. Pardon Moi – Rodeo Star
13. Dollkraut feat. De Ambassade – Du Fetisch
14. Bell Towers – Call Me Please

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