Barbara Boeing from Curitiba in the south of Brazil caught our ear last summer at Palais Palett here in Dresden where she played a short notice gig during her holidays in Europe. Her set perfectly set the vibe for a great summer night out there at our favourite wooden dancefloor of the city. Some months later, we asked Barbara for a contribution to our podcast series and she sent us a colourful mix of House, Disco and beyond that brings back those summer feelings, much needed during those grey winter days (at least here in Germany).

Hi Barbara, how are you? Did you have a good start into the new Year?

I am good, thanks! Yes, I went to a beach called Algodões, in Bahia (north east of Brazil) for NYE to play for Xama Festival. For me, Xama is one of the best festivals in Brazil and it is  composed only by Brazilian DJs. I can definitely say it was a good way to start 2019!

Thanks for contributing this excellent mix! What’s the idea behind it? When and how was it recorded?

This mix was recorded in my house. I was happy I could use some new vinyls I just bought. Also, I was able to put some new discoveries I made like Abdullah, a Brazilian singer and writer of funk melody and also some new stuff I traded with some cool diggers I met recently. The main idea behind it was to express some summerish feelings cause summer was getting started in Brazil and I was happy I was about to go to the beach (I live in a rainy city with no beaches at all) and hang out with some friends!

You are part of a crew called Alter Disco in your hometown Curitiba. I read that you started out with intimate daytime parties at the beautiful garden of a friend’s house (including a nice jacuzzi and a charming view of your city) that eventually grew into bigger events and allowed you to bring guest like Move D, Max Graef or Eric Duncan to Curitiba. Tell us more about that! What do you think made it successfull? How did the music evolve over the time, what challenges did you face and did you ever have issues with local authorities?

Yes, Alter Disco is a party from me and my four best friends. We started doing it only for 50 people at this house you described and we would share the costs of the parties. We did not have a bar, so people could bring their own drinks.

It was something really intimate and I think it started growing mostly because of our lack of desire of being a big party or ever gaining any money from it. We are still a non profitable party, and every money we get from it we invest it on the next event. So, I believe our public believe in our will of bringing good and sincere music for them with no other bigger expectations from it.

Within two years of partying, we decided we wanted to start bringing international DJs. The ones we loved and we knew probably would never be booked in my city. Because of this, we started charging for tickets and we made a bar so we could pay our bills. One of our best friends told us he could make this whole bar operation and he was soon added to our crew! This is something that needs a great deal of work and people usually get lots of money from it, so we were really happy he wanted to do this for free, only because he loved our party.

Obviously, me and the three residents of the party had a lot of music evolvement in the last 6 years, but we also grew up as artists and we play on other parties, some in Curitiba and some in other cities. This is something that made us evolve in so many ways. Not only in music, but also in the production of the whole party.

My city is a difficult place to party in general, and because our events happen every time in a different venue we are most likely to get some authorities issues that would not happen inside of a club.

We produce it all on the legal way, so we cannot say we are an illegal party. But, the silence law in our city is really strict, the rules are really strict, so sometimes we have bigger problems with it. We already had a party that had to be cancelled because of it and one day they took all of our sound system. It happens sometimes, but we are still fighting for our right to party!


What made the biggest impact on your style of djing?

After twelve years of DJing only with CDJs I bought my first turntable last year. I guess a new world opened up for me as I saw so many different ways of buying music and also in meeting diggers all over the world and trading tracks with them. In Brazil it is really expensive to buy a good turntable and also to buy records too. The shipping costs are incredibly high, so it took me some time and I had to gain some money with music so that I could be able to buy all of it. But right now, I can tell I am in love with this new way of digging and also DJing.

What’s the scene like in Curitiba and Brazil in general for the music you play?

Particularly, the independent parties have had an evolvement on the last 5 years like never before. Usually, I play more at those kind of parties because the clubs mostly play different genres than mine. Not that I am linked to only one genre but sometimes they are. Along with it, there are some big festivals that come to Curitiba also like Tribal Tech, Warung Day Festival and Subtropikal and sometimes I can be part of it too.

Are there any Brazilian producers / musicians / crews / labels you want us to point at?

For sure! This festival called Xama (Bahia) I told you about on the first question was a good place for us to meet new Brazilian artists and also to refresh our memory of the old school people from our country who are still making really good and atemporal music.

So, I would like put some names of some good people that caught my attention:

  • Rico Jorge (live) – He plays acoustic guitar, sings and makes some epic music on his synthesizers
  • Omoloko – One of the best arising DJs in Brazil
  • Vermelho – old school DJ, he knows how to go from Balearic to Techno with a lot of style

What’s your connection to Warung Beach Club (probably one of the most beautiful open air clubs in the world)?

I do not have any connections with the club but I played there last year for the first time with Felipe Muller a.k.a. Phil Mill, my partner from Alter Disco. We always played together for more than 10 years and we love doing b2bs. He is from Warung’s agency and I was invited by Dekmantel (this event was a Dekmantel Tour), so that is why we were able to play together!

In 2019, me and Phil are coming back to Warung, we already have 2 dates upcoming, so, yes, I am excited!

You just came back from playing Xama Festival in the North of Brazil. Can you tell us anything about that?

Oh, this festival was one of the best things that happened to me last year. Alter Disco was fully booked, so I got the chance to travel with my whole crew to a paradisiac beach.

It happened for eight days and I had three gigs during it. My first gig took place on a lake (Na Manteiga Radio) with an underwater dance floor. People were playing immersed volleyball and also canoeing around me! The second was inside of a boat (100% girls line up) and the third venue was on top of a hill with the sea’s and river’s view. This last party was from Selvagem and I was really happy I got to play in a very good slot. I can definitely say this was the best party I have ever played in my entire life.


Do you think the election of Jair Bolsonaro as the new Brazilian president will have negative effects on the (sub)cultural landscape of Brazil? I read that he closed down the ministry of education and cultural affairs?

Investors from outside of Brazil see Bolsonaro as a better option for our country, and this leads to more foreign-investments on all areas. So, as an engineer, I believe Jair was the best option for the economy. But economy is not the only variable that makes a country better! So, analizing it as a DJ and also as a human being, I believe the president’s choices of promoting the guns bigotry, of being against gay and black people is something that will change the social scenario of our country. People who always had a little prejudice for the minorities are now legitimised by their own president and will act in violent ways to prove they are right.

And yes, this reflects directly in to our parties!

Electronic parties are a place where everyone can be themselves and it is a place where everyone is accepted. Those who go against it are dealing with the essence of it in the wrong way. So, I think as an act of resistance, our parties should/will be a safe place for all kinds of minorities and all music lovers who just want to have fun.

Bolsonaro has closed the ministry of culture using the argument of the reduction of costs. Usually, when politicians make this move, they close the less needed ministry (in their opinion) for the society. This leads to a lack of investments through the Rouanet Law and incites a decrease on every art’s project.

So, it follows that having a president like Bolsonaro will be a set back for us in so many ways I am actually afraid of thinking of!

From Monday to Friday you work as a civil engineer constructing buildings. Is there a connection to DJing or does it rather feel like a contradiction?

Yes, I work on two jobs, one in a construction company where I build buildings and the other in a little company I opened 2 years ago where I work doing retrofits on buildings and also houses. Being an engineer is a work where you need to be really rational and tradicional on your way of doing things.

Music, on the other way, happens when you are creative and when you bring your audience some new stuff.

I believe the only connection I get from the two of them is when I am producing my parties. There are some things I learned on the production of the events that I often use as an engineer. One of them is learning how to negotiate! When you have a party that has no money you learn how to be the best negotiator in town. Another example would be to learn how to work fast when a problem hits you. Once we had a DJ that cancelled his performance one day before of the party. I almost panicked, but everything went right and we got ourselves another really good DJ and ended up with a big Sold Out!

What’s coming up for you in 2019? Do you already plan your next trip to Europe?

Some things are coming up but I am not really supposed to tell it to anyone for now. But, in the beginning of February you will see it.

Yes, I am going to Europe  in the end of may and still have some dates open. I will spend 15 to 20 days there and I will travel to some cities. Germany will probably be on my route!


A Conga Saved my Life – Sambamanao
Anyzette – Ebo Ebo Remix
Mi cara – Casa Beat (1990 Original Remastered)
Abdullah – Me deixe em Paz
Nelly Stharre – Ready (Good Block Edit)
Parkway Rhythm ft. Boyd Jarvis – Broad St. Pressure
Todd Terry – Weekend
Cassia Eller – Eles (Craig Ou Edit)